20 April 2011

Day 18 - After All - It's about Self

Day 18

Just when you 'think' its the most difficult point...

Just when you 'think' it's too much...

Just when you 'think' you've had enough...

Just when you 'think' it's over...

Just' when you you believe something about the situation/the person/the reality - You discover, you were wrong. And that you were making it all up in your head. And you Realize... it's the 'breaking point' - the point we want to give up - is where We find the clarity - the freedom - the communication - the truth. Here is where we see for Real.

So don't give up.

Another point;

Just because I am not deliberately doing something - the inaction says it all.

"I forgot" is no longer a valid excuse - as I am not even aware of how I am deliberately deceiving myself.

Not intentionally putting things off - yet when I look closer, all I see is fear around these points. Another way to hide from myself. Which I no longer accept.

Just do it.

Get it done. Whatever action is required. Cross it off the List.

ANother point;

Deciding for myself - who I am.

Not depending on another to tell me what to do - but investigating for myself - what is the best solution for me  currently - that allows me the best foundation.

More specifically - Stop Looking for Answers - and Be the Answer myself.  Decide for myself.

I have always looked separate from myself for 'where I need to be, where I need to do, who I have to be, what should I do next' Expecting anything and anyone to tell me something - please decide for me, how to be, why to be, where to be, when to be.

No More. This ends Here. Realizing - only I can decide my own Self Honesty. Afterall - it's about Self.