18 April 2011

Day 16 - Redefining Money

Day 16

Money as it exists - support abuse and inequality.

And as the human fears it - it only validates money's power and control within this World.

Yet what if the Human were to change this.

Into something of Support.

When the Human creates money as a Support for life - as it provides food, shelter, water, clothes. It provides Life to those that have it.

Why not give this to All.

Instead of allowing it to abuse, through our acceptance of a System that feeds the few and fucks the rest.

This System of Money is Unacceptable.

Our Relationship to Money is unacceptable.

As I was applying Self Forgiveness for my Relationship to Money - I saw just how much power I gave it to run my life. And how much I allowed it to Direct me in my direct fear of it.

Instead of seeing it as a means to support. Me. As Life.

It isn't Money that is the Problem. It is the Human - that defines Money as such.

Time to Redefine it very existence to that of Support for ALL Life.

Simple - this one Point.