18 April 2011

Day 15 - Bring it back to Self - and Move from Here

Day 15

Seeing how back chat/secret Mind can assist Self. See it and Stop it immediately!

My back chat has been in an uprising lately - and it's specifically thoughts of expectation from others and when I don't get what I 'want' - it fires up with all these judgments and justifications for why I experience myself the way that I do. Hiding my responsibility to stop it myself.

I see how easy it is to exist in the Mind - because this is how we've always existed - and the changing to becoming the breath is 'more difficult' - yet not impossible. It's the 'comfortability' of how things have 'always been' as the accepted 'way it is'. Yet, I wont give up on myself.

Because I have shown myself in the past that I am able to stop and breath and no longer participate in this back chat.

I simply stop. Because if I don't - I know what happens - my experience of myself, with myself and my environment and others within my environment are influenced. I am no longer the 'directive principle', I am only the observing being taken for a ride.

Interesting how people say 'go with the flow' and 'take the load of least resistance' - when this only supports the current complacency that is allowed as ourselves. TO just stay the same and not consider that CHANGE IS REQUIRED.

Take the path of MOST resistance - and show yourself you can push through - and Stand Up and Find yourself on the 'other side'. Afterall - isn't it us that created the resistance?

So here to remind myself to Push through the Resistance. See what the 'mind says' and spite it in directing self - instead of the Mind determine the actions/movements of Self.

Bring it back to Self - and Move from Here.