14 March 2011

Establishing Self Here

Starting the Writing Process Here.

Fresh - new in every Moment, breathing a New Moment here where I can always start over, and re create myself into that which is dignified - that which is Real - that which is Self Honesty - that which is Self Disciplined - Pushing myself through to face myself as my fears and worries and anxieties - realizing they are not Real. Trusting myself to see how I have deceived myself and then forgiving myself for allowing such abuse within myself.

I am Here - and I am Grateful.

Today I start a Process of Self. Self Responsibility, Self Intimacy, Self Love, Self Trust, Self pushing Self to be something more then Self has allowed of Self. And no longer allowing Self Judgement or Self created Anxieties to decide who I am. Because I realize I am Here Constantly every moment of Breath. And so I breathe.

21 + days of writing here. Exposing myself - my experiences, my thoughts, my desires, my troubles, my strengths, my weakness, my standings my falls - Exposing myself in Self Honesty, and Finding a Solution within myself - to Myself. Finding Stability and Trust. Finding the Truth of Myself. One word at a time. One blog at a time. One breath at a time. And I walk.