21 March 2011

Day 7 - Simply Stop

Day 7

And we write.

So who else is responsible for what I experience?
Who decides how I feel?
Who determines where I go?
Who  allows me to move?

Who has created this for me?

Me, only me.

And what do I do with myself?

I see how I create wars in the world.
Driving on the road - it's always the 'other guys fault'.
Looking at another - comparing myself as more or less.

These 2 points specifically are obvious in my experience. And yet, it's almost like I seek it out intentionally.
More so the comparisons. Partaking in behaviors/actions that create comparisons within myself - then attempting to justify myself with excuses as to why I am better.

All of this done in the secrecy of my own Mind.

And then fear for others finding out. ALong with shame for doing what I do.

When knowing all along, it's ME doing what's being done. Existing as is. Creator=Created=Creation.

Time to take responsibility. Time to stop. Time to try something new - because this just isn't working for my anymore.

Take it to the point where you get fed up. Where you get filled up and need it no more. Or.. simply Stop.

I simply stop.