19 March 2011

Day 6 = Free Write = Freedom in Writing

Day 6

Here we are again.

Surprising myself with this.

Still pushing to walk this through.

And every day it becomes easier.

I like this writing style. Yet careful not to 'feed myself' with it.

It's easy to talk ourselves up. Or down. Or to do this or that. We have to talk to ourselves to make up our minds?

Ding ding ding.

We are the creators of the make up we wear as the Mind.

Have you heard yourself today?

I have - and boy do I have a lot to day. Yet not out loud - secretly it's 'there', private in the space above my eyes.

Seems to easy.

Yet I've found that this is deception. This is the destruction. This is the path to end life - existing as the Mind.

And thus a Walk to Freedom - a Walk to Birthing of LIfe.

Regaining and Re Membering who I am Here without Conditions and Self Definitions.

Re Membering my place in Equality.

Equal - As All as One as Equal. Equal as Life. All that is Here.

No need for a pretty picture to be painted - only needed those to RealEyes who we Are - what we have given ourselves up to - and how to bring ourselves Back.

And so we walk.