17 March 2011

Day 4 - Writing is for Me

It doesn't get any easier.

Although - I could say so.

I didn't want to write again tonight - because apparently "I don't have anything to say"

I ate a fortune cookie tonight that read, "Writing is a craft not an art"

Interesting.. because this is true. At least for my experience.. within these blogs and my starting point for sharing myself.

I write to sort myself out. To express myself. To share what it is that I am experiencing, to show others we are equal. To be disciplined with myself. To push myself to do what I haven't done before. To challenge myself. To open myself up in trusting myself. In showing myself that I don't need others to feel any way - I just need me. 

And writing is starting to become this for me. Something I can count on - something I can trust in. A focus point I can always bring myself back to. 

And I remind myself that I am making up the rules - that I need not follow any guidelines but my own. - This is Self Honesty. Instead of living in fear of the punishment I might recieve, or assuming things have to be done this way or that way - Freedom Here in Expression.

No rules. No lines to stay in. No police man in my head. Just allowing myself to be here as the fingers as the keys typing me out here for all to see.

No Shame. 
No hiding. 

And I need not be anything I'm not. 

I am simply here. Expressing. Sharing. Showing myself as who I am Here. 

Here is acceptance.

And Gratitude.