16 March 2011

Day 3 - Self Honesty

Self Honesty

I tend to give more of myself to another and then blame them for taking it

I tend to cry because you don't care when it's me feeling sorry for myself

I tend to lean on you for support because I haven't yet learned how to Stand on my own 2 feet

I tend to extend the truth

I tend to desire being more then I am and painting the picture as such - wishing I was different, not realizing in this I am not accepting myself Here

I tend to make it more then it needs to be

I tend to cry wolf

I tend to get lost in my thoughts as if they were real and then become overwhelmed as if I don't know I am able to stop

I tend to not trust myself - therefore I refuse to trust others

I tend to hide behind my walls

I tend to exaggerate what is here - as if it weren't enough

I tend to write in moments - without knowing what it is I'm going to write - and then judge what comes out.

What does this tell me? I have always judged myself, the I that has always been here, wanting to come out, wanting to express, wanting to Stand Up and say Hey, listen Up, look at what your doing. Who are You? Why are you doing what Your doing - don't you think there's more then this - this thing we call Life. Don't we see our Equality?

I breathe, I write, I stop.

I breathe, I stand, I walk

I breath, I trust, I allow

I let go.