02 January 2017

513: We Must Start Here

Resolution is the usual word for this time of year. New Years Resolution. Resolution is simply to resolve something, to make a firm decision, to create solutions. That is essentially the way in which I've committed myself to live my life... to no longer participate in conflict and disagreement, but to rather base myself, and my life's direction on solutions; solutions that are best for all.

Now this absolutely starts with myself, and the more I've walked this commitment, the more that single point stands so absolute. You cannot change anything of this world, until you have changed yourself, as that is the starting point, the source, and the seed from which you're interactions influence this world, and so shape this world.

We often look outside of ourselves as something being a problem, as something that has to change. But alas, what we are seeing is built upon a foundation we've created within ourselves. We see through our own veils, our own constructs, our own beliefs, opinions, and ideas. And what I see more and more of is the lack of self's, as the individual's responsibility within how this world is shaped, and the types of characters walking around. No one wants to claim responsibility for anything of themselves, they only want to make themselves the righteous one.

We are all wrong, and every year around this time we tell ourselves we'll be different. A fresh start may be nice, but it comes down to every single moment we have throughout every single year of our life that determines who we are, and so what we create. This time of year is no different, or special. We should actually have daily resolutions - to daily reflect, forgive, and change who we are as I can tell you for myself first hand, the depths of the problems that is this world exists within the depths of our own minds.

And that is again, as I'm realizing more and more, the purpose of this Journey to Life, and the daily sharing thereof. Each day is a gift to reflect, realize, forgive, commit, and change. If we can't change ourselves, we can't change this world. And if we can't change this world, well... we already can see where it's heading. So the solution is self, always in all ways. We must start here.

And so I am using this time of year, that we all like to use for new beginnings, to re-commit myself to this process of sharing myself, and my life, and the daily points in which I face, and reflect upon, and change. The process. My process to Life.

Looking back at the year I can see I had some highs and some lows, and then I had stability within consistency and in that, satisfaction. My purpose is stop the highs and lows of energy, as the mind, and to remain consistent in my daily living - to remain stable in who I am and how I direct myself, and so my environment. To push for consistency in always, to remain the same... yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This takes more than self-will.. it takes a physical doing, a decision made over and over again, and remaining steadfast within the commitments I've made. My commitment is to me - to me as all as one as equal, to change myself within the context of what is best for all. To always live, and act, and express in ways that are best for all - doing unto others as I would have done unto me, removing the chains of the mind as memories and beliefs, and ideas and perceptions, and to stick to real living, breath by breath, within/as my physical body. To Be the Change I want to see in this World.

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