24 January 2015

384: The Reality of Death

Currently I, as many others (including you), have access to information that is unlike anything else in this world. The insights, clarity, and astounding support that comes from this source is so unbelievably life supporting, my life has been forever, gratefully, changed from it.

What am I talking about? EQAFE.com. It is a website that has a slew of recordings, interviews and videos explaining, in specific detail, every aspect of life on Earth. It is a constant stream of information that, in it's nature, offers solutions to potentially every situation one could possibly find themselves in in this world, and how within applying the tools and applications suggested, one can open themselves up to the true potential of Life on Earth and Life as themselves.

One series specifically though that I have resisted since they started being published is the Death Research recordings. This is quite an interesting series of recordings, as similar to the Life Review, where beings come through to speak about their experiences on Earth and what they realized once Reviewing their life after their deaths, this is specifically about the actual death process - so depending on the circumstances causing the death, it goes into detail about what the body goes through, what happens to the mind, what happens to the Being. This is all I can really say about it, because as mentioned, I have always resisted listening to these interviews, and cannot say for sure if I have ever listened to a whole recording (usually they are around 20-35 minutes long).

What does this tell me?

I resist the Reality of Death.

There is so much fear and uncertainty surrounding death. Obviously it is a Reality in this World, where it's inevitable - everyone dies. Just like the popular Children's book, "Everyone Poops", the fact is Everyone also dies. Yet with this Reality of Death existing for Each, there is fear around it simply because we don't know what happens when we die. So while there is fear existing in relation to Death for All, because let's be honest, we don't know what happens in that moment and what comes after that moment and so the uncertainty or lack of understand, from my perspective, can easily create a resistance to it, simply because we don't know. And let's be honest, humanity resists that which it doesn't know or is not familiar with - we are actually quite stubborn in that regard. Yet, we have convinced ourselves that when we do die, everything is okay, we go to Heaven, and there we live happily ever after. We tell ourselves nice stories in attempt to soothe the fear, yet in the end, and in Reality - we FEAR that which we do not know/understand.

Now back to me - what I can see in my own resistances to the Death Research Series is that I am allowing a Fear of Death to direct me in terms of not willing or wanting to hear anything in relation to death or the death process. Because I can see just the gift I have in such recordings as, through each one, the death process is explained, in detail - putting into perspective the REALity of Death, and grounding any ideas or fears or images related to death that I have made up within my own mind, but have come to beLIEve for myself as the truth, without doing any proper investigation.

What is the best cure for the imagination that fuels itself with fear? Actual, real information, explaining in explicit detail what actually happens at death and what happens to the mind, the body and the beingness. Why would I resist such a thing? It is a cure to any curiosity, fear and uncertainty.

So from my perspective, I have feared this series specifically because it had everything to do with death; that moment when our last breath is breathed and we are no longer here in/as our physical bodies. This is something I fear, and something I have seen extensive reactions to in the past, fear of no longer existing. (Some interesting points opened up in relation to the Self-Forgiveness applied for this fear, so will share that in the next blog.)

Though, while I have not come to realize this point on my own, I do see the point that if I were truly Alive and Equal to and One with what Life is in/as Equality and Oneness - I would not Fear Death. Because I would instead Be Life. If I were truly Living, I would not fear the end of it, because I would be engaged, involved and an active participant with Life and so I would Be Living. The fact that a fear of death exists, suggest I am already dying; it already exists within me and the fear is an act of separation that I am not taking responsibility for, where I fear to lose myself, my body, my place in existence, yet if I clearly decided, defined and created myself as an Equal Being to/of and as LIFE, then I would not fear to lose my place or lose my life, as I would have substantiated myself AS life. I would recognize myself as Life.

A bit abstract still for me though. The simple point here for myself is that I have a resistance to the Death Research Series presented by EQAFE.com and to me, tells a lot about where I am in relation to Death. That it's a relationship I must still equalize in terms of no longer fearing it, not understanding it, and stop avoiding it and instead face/embrace my Fear of Death head on as the Death Research Series so graciously supports me with.

Why wait till Death to find out what happens, and face this Fear I have of it when I have the opportunity, and the GIFT as Eqafe.com to understand it HERE, now, in this Life, while I am still Living and perhaps ground myself in/as this Life before my time is up. The Reality is - Death is inevitable. Though the Question is - who will you be at your Death? Afraid of It or Embracing it? I suppose that depends on whether you ever actually Lived.

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