318: Why is The World Not Changing?

One of the most crucial points in this process of change is realizing that you are alone within your process and that the one point that is holding everyone hostage in terms of not willing to actually change is through the excuse and justification that "well, no one else is."

And so we sit, complacent, and unwilling to move ourselves to take the lead in bringing ourselves to a point of change. "No one else is changing, why should I?" and "No one else seems to care, I'm not going to either." And we see exactly what this creates - a world of individual bubbles, walking around ignoring each other, ignoring the problems with our world, ignoring the suffering that happens on a daily basis, due to our neglect to change anything.

What is the starting point of this unwillingness to step up and be the change, in justifying 'no one else is changing'? Spite - it is spitefulness that drives the individual to say 'fuck it' to the world and only worry and focus on themselves, their happiness, their wants, their needs, their desires. We simply accept what is here, deliberately turn our cheek to what is here and all  because we are too afraid to stand up and be a voice that shouts loud enough for all to hear, this is unacceptable - We are responsible and we must be the change.

This absolutely starts within ourselves, at an individual level - each one having to take responsibility for their point within existence that consist of the whole we have here. And collectively, there is a hole in humanity that has been created through spite, greed, and self interest. We are waiting for someone else to make the move, to take the stand, to give direction - never realizing WE... I... Me... am the One that must be the Change.

I have recently seen this point within me, this justification as to why I've accepted and allowed myself to become possessed by emotions and feelings of irrational energy - I thought, "they've reacted - they've allowed this - they are not changing... I don't have to either." And so, no One taking the stand and being the change, because all are waiting for the other one to change.

Obviously no one is to blame for who they are - I am not in a position to say, "it's their/your fault" because I am the one who exists here and accepts and allows what exists here as me, within and without and so the fact that this point exists within me - this belief, this idea, this acceptance - is my responsibility. It is then my responsibility as to why this world is not changing - because I am not changing me, because I am still accepting and allowing this idea that I 'need' someone else to do it, that I need someone else to take the lead, to give me direction, to pave a path for me to follow. When in reality, this is the illusion of all religion - all beliefs in some higher power that suggests, I am not wholly responsible for every little thing in existence in it's entirety, there is 'someone else', 'something else' and THEY are the one's responsible. And so we accept some higher power to be the ones in charge to change our world and blindly follow this beLIEf that abdicates us from any responsibility and consequence. Yet we cannot escape our consequence - it is here as this World. It is the millions of children dying of starvation, it is the homeless people begging for money on the corner, it is the politicians making choices for their interest over the interest of the public, it is the wars that are waged, it is the the porn industry, it is the human trafficking, it is the hate, the anger, and the blame - it is manifested as our very world that we are equally participating and collectively accepting and allowing as is. And no one is willing to say, 'enough is enough, I cannot accept and allow this anymore - till here no further' - because the One that is Me is still accepting and allowing the justification as to why I can fall into the reactions of the mind that feels it's self interest is threatened and then blames the other guy for being the one that is causing the problem.

The inner is the Outer. The Outer is the Inner and our Inner World is reflected as our Outer World and we can see it in the relationships we create with others, in our back chats, in our thoughts, in our words, in our deeds. What we pay attention to, what we entertain ourselves with, what we give value as what is 'important' in this world, all consists of sustaining exactly what is here as our World.

Is it worth it? Are we being effective? Well, perhaps before these questions - first things first - are we still waiting for someone to change first? To save us? To show us how? To take the lead? Why are we not leading ourselves? Why are we not directing ourselves? Why are we not showing the way? Why must we wait for someone/something to give us the sign we have been looking for or to throw the consequences that are manifested in this world on our door step before we are willing to make that one move - that one step as the standing within the principle of who I am, what I will accept and allow and what I will not accept and allow.

Why have we not lived the realization that we must Be the Change we Want to See in the World? The One that sets in motion the movement that creates change - the place in which change emerge. Self.

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