20 February 2012

2012: We All walk the Same Process = Equal as One

Every single being here within Existence is walking the exact process that we as Destonians are Directing ourselves through.

Every single ONE of us are walking a process of Facing ourselves.

Every single ONE of us are being shown in various ways the nature of ourselves - the depths of our darkness - the true self we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become.

I had a very cool conversation with my mom tonight and it validated many points that I have come to realize within myself since I began walking my Process with Desteni.

A few things that came up:

The importance of sharing. With self and/or with another. My mom has been walking through many points within herself and found herself to be a bit emotional, overwhelmed and in discontent. She has found her mind racing and keeping her distracted from doing what she must do in her day to day tasks. When I started talking to my mom tonight - she was bothered, and as I sat with her - I kept pushing her to speak. She became emotional and would say, 'nothing is bothering me, it's fine' - when obviously it wasn't. I suggested to her to just speak - get it out, share what she is experiencing, if to nothing else but see from another's perspective. She finally spoke and many points were opened up. Many points about the Mind and existing within past memories and feelings and emotions that have been existing for a long time that she thought were gone - where she has locked them down inside of her and threw away the key.

As we spoke - I shared with her some things I have experienced within myself in relation to what she is currently facing. In no way did I tell her what to do - I simply shared with her ways she was able to support yourself. What we found is that by the end of the conversation - she felt lighter, and she said she felt a whole lot better. Why? Because when we exist in the Mind - we are isolated. We are left alone within ourselves mulling around all the thoughts and feelings and emotions where we tend to victimize ourselves and feel like we are literally the only beings in existence that experience ourselves the way that we do. The MInd is an island - where we disconnect ourselves from the 'real world' and the 'real people' in our lifes - who can be a real gift if we allow support. Obviously support starts with self - and that is the willingness to open up to self. To share self - to be willing to be vulnerable and ask for help. To realize that while we are not dependent on others to be here, we can utilize what is here and share with each other and open ourselves up in the willingness to face ourselves. There are 7 billion people in this world - it is only in the Mind we can possible believe we are alone.

Another point of opening up and sharing ourselves as facing ourselves, I suggested to her, is through writing. It is living application of Self Intimacy. Where we begin to see into ourselves parts of ourselves we fear to see - or believe we cannot see or possibly share with others. Writing supports us to get out of our heads and to get real with ourselves and start seeing who we really are within the reality of ourselves. I also suggested this to her as she was experiencing thoughts keeping her busy and she was experiencing troubles focusing on what she needed to do in the day. So writing is a cool way to get it all out - everything that is keeping us spinning and circling through the past, present and future, where we replay and re evaluate what has happened in our lives and in situation where we get stuck within - creating more and more thoughts that we then generate energy and emotions and feelings until we have completely fucked ourselves within enslaving ourselves to these feelings and emotions that seem to come out of no where as we react to the thoughts we have that continue to tell us what we are and how we are experience ourselves and what we must do - and we become overwhelmed. So - to support ourselves through this - it is to STOP.... breathe.... bring yourself here within realizing you are not your mind. You are not your thoughts - you are not your emotions and feelings as you have the ability to Stand Up - Be Here and Direct yourself within Choosing what you accept and allow within and as yourself.

To Realize who we are - is as simple as breathing. Because - We are Life as the Breath. The Breath is that which Gives Life - sustains Life - is LIFE that allows us to be here - so simply, that is who we actually are. Not this thoughts of self definition and prisonalities and we believe as ourselves. No, we are equal human beings, equally brought into this world the same way, require the same things to exist, and will leave here the same way, through death. What gives us Life - is the Breath - so BE the BREATH - as that is who we are as LIFE. Slow yourself down, become aware of Who you really are, Give yourself Life, live as Life as the Breath. This is how we walk ourselves within Self Honesty - when we are breathing - we are being Self Honesty. When we are in the Mind - we are not Living, and we are not just thinking - we are deceiving.... deceiving ourselves within believing we are our Mind, when we are not. In the Mind - we don't breathe, and we disregard the Physical Body - the physical Life - this physical World. So bring yourself back Here - back to Reality - Back to Life.

So it was cool to walk with her through these points - as I have shared with her before the support of breathing and writing and living self honesty - and until now she was unwilling to hear - unwilling to see. Yet - Life is here as ourselves revealing to each one of us the nature we have accepted - and standing up to be in our face and say, "See Here! Look at Who you are - Look at what you have Allowed - Stand Up and Direct Yourself as Life - as You are the Power - you are the Key... Set yourself Free."

Yes - so it was a cool sharing we had and I am grateful for Desteni and the tools I have been supported within to Support myself and Others.

We are EQUAL. We are ONE - we are all walking the same Process of Facing Ourselves - Facing Life - Standing Up - Taking SELF Responsibility and challenging ourselves to Be that which we have not yet allowed ourselves to Become - the Directive Principle of Ourselves as LIfe - LIving Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness - as this is what is Best for All.