2012: Valentines Day = My Love is Conditional

Today is Valentine's Day. A Day we SELLebrate "our love" for another. Apparently - we need a day to do this. Kind of like Christmas and Thanksgiving where we need a day to remind ourselves to give to each other.

What's fascinating is that this holiday can only be sold those that "have love"... or those that have money.

This "holiday" is useless to the mass of people that are without jobs and food and homes - it's actually a slap in the face to them.

Those of us in the comfortable side of the current system - those of us with money - can go around and pretend love is real through taking one day out of the year sharing our conditional love with each other. Yes - we have to buy flowers and chocolates and take each other out dinner to show that we care. That we are in love.

What the fuck? This day exposes just how self abusive this world is - where those of us with money - only care about ourselves and "our love". But this Love is not lived - as it is not the expression of all - it is only "felt" between 2 people - and in that we can question whether it's real.

Is real Love buying someone flowers?

Is real love taking someone out to dinner?

Is real love having to take one day out of the year, because it's accepted by everyone else, to express to another the way you feel about them? If it was unconditional - if it was real - if it was lived by us as an expression of ourselves - would we celebrate Valentines Days? Hell no we wouldn't - we would see it for what it is.

Another day we enslave ourselves to a profit driven society that tells you on what day you are to show your love to another - and even tells you what you have to buy in order to convey your message of love. This is bullshit elites holiday.

Relationships as they currently exists - is no surprise we have a day to celebrate "love"

Because every other day of the year we are in fear of each other and the relationship. Fear of how we are suppose to be so that that person will love us. Fear of losing that person. Fear of that person cheating - fear of that person leaving. Fear of that person giving their "love" to someone else. Fear of not being enough for that person - fear of not pleasing that person. We exist in fear in relationships because current relationships are based on persoanlities of the Mind/ego. We feed each others insecurities and self abuse through being with another out of fear. Fear of being alone. Fear of facing who we really are. Relationships are for those that are hiding from themselves, unwilling to walk in an agreement with another to be the change in this world - to be different - to live within principles that are best for all. And so within our fake presentations of ourselves we place to please others - we exist in fear of another finding out the truth and no longer loving us. So - we created a day where we can validate our need to be loved by saying we have to celebrate on this day, for all to see, and for you to prove, that you Love me.

In a World that is Best for All - individuals would walk in an agreement. Where we do not need or require another to do or say or prove anything to us to show that they love us - as we will love ourselves. We will not choose just one day to exploit the idea of Love - we will being living in a World of Love where all are provided for - all are loved equally and there are no such things as special relationships that we can exist in seclusion from each other. We will be real - walking with all equally - having an agreement with all of ourselves that is best for all. Relationships are useless if they are not supporting you to change who you have accepted yourself to be and that exists special only for you and another. This is separation - as we then see ourselves as better then others or at least we feel safe, as we have found love, and we don't have to be alone. Because god forbid, when we are alone - we face the truth of ourselves.

For those that can see and hear the common sense within this - that see what relationships have become that only feed our egos, the desire to be loved, because we are unwilling to love ourselves, investigate the Agreement Course within the Desteni I Process. Here we establish a SELF Agreement - where we become effective in living for ourselves, without the need or dependency of another. Where we become the expression of Self Love that can then walk with another in Self Honesty without insecurities and fear. As we realize alone - we are all one. I am whole without another and do not need another to fulfill me, as I am fulfilled as myself here. Where each one is whole within who they are to then walk as Equal as One.

Consider seeing with Realeyes that acceptance and allowance of these so called holidays - and consider whether they are actually best for all - or only best for those with money living in self interest.

Consider being the Change.


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