19 February 2012

2012: The Eternal Expression of Love Exposed

"Love Never Dies... we are all an eternal expression of love"


This is spewed to the masses - and has been since even before the 70's. 'Love is the Answer'. 'All you need is Love' 'Love will change the world'

How can this be true - if the "Love Movement" proved that Love doesn't create actual change in this world.

Looking even closer at this statement, "Love Never Dies... we are all an eternal expression of love" - Can we say that this is true in Self Honesty? If 'as above so below', wouldn't this indicate that Heaven is a reflection of Earth - and Earth is a reflection of Heaven? Thus - Heaven is equally fucked as Earth - existing in separation.

We beLIEve that when we die - we leave behind this world and come into the full awareness of "who we really are" as apparent "expressions of Love"

Why would earth be separate in the 'expression of Love' and it is only lived after you die? WTF?

Let me ask you - if we are "expressions of Love" - why are a Billion people starving to death?

If we are "expressions of Love" - why does War exist?

If we are "expressions of Love" - why does jealousy, judgments, envy exist?

How can we be "eternal expressions of Love" when this world manifests such hate and inequality?

How can we justify the state of the world by saying, "Love Never Dies... we are all an eternal expression of love" - we are basically saying, "DOn't worry or fear death or this world, when you die, you will remember you are love and all will be fine and you will be protected and you don't have to face this world anymore, don't worry, you are ok, love is eternal... even if love is not here and does not exist in this world, when you die, you will see you are love"

This is such delusion and bullshit we accept in order to feel better about not taking responsibility for this world.

Love does not exists - this World PROVES that - and even if we believe it exists in isolated cases - where some will say, "I share love with people I meet, I am a good person" - Your love does nothing for this world - it only keeps you from actually implementing any real change that is BEST FOR ALL.

What would be BEST FOR ALL - is to realize Love does not feed the hungry or shelter the homeless - what we need to do is GET REAL - in providing the basic necessities that are required to Live here, starting with Money. As only those with Money can say, "Love is expression of ourselves" - Place yourself in the shoes of another - one that is spit out from the system of money and ask yourself, is this an expression of "eternal love"


Open Your Eyes to the RealEyesation that LOVE has only ever been an idea - it has never been lived as a real expression of LIfe here, and until ALL are equal within their living standards - it will not.

Stop the delusions - stop the feelings that make only you feel better, and investigate real change in this world that support what is best for all - which includes what is best for you. Stop the ideas that cause inaction - and LIVE FOR REAL.