09 February 2012

2012 Proves Human Devolution

It has been over 2000 years since the idea was placed that this world would face a great change. A mass awakening - a helping hand. Years and years of waiting to see what will come - what will happen. This whole world as been sitting idly by - being busy with buying up goods - and getting lost in the 'what's to come scenarios'.

Its so fascinating that we are so entertained by the ideas of how the earth will change - which savior is going to come rescue us - that we don't consider that WE can BE the CHANGE.

I mean fuck, how dumb have we become as a society that we, instead of taking responsibility for what this world exist as and has become, what it reflects as humanity as a whole, just talk and debate and defend our opinion about whether we believe in the Mayan prophecy or Nostradamus;s predictions.

We would rather converse about what 'could happen' instead of making things happen. And this is the point we must all Face - We are the Creators of this Reality - and until we Step up to our Responsibility - nothing will change. And we are only being dishonest with ourselves in expecting something out side of ourselves to save us - to change us - to give us direction. We must Be that which we want to see in this world.

Can't we see the deception within ourselves to simply allow what is happening in this world to happen - without questioning it?

Can't we see the abuse we are accepting within this world by saying, 'there is a god, he has a plan, and we have to learn a lesson'?

Can't we see how our ignorance is killing us?

We all believe we have been busy evolving as a species. But as the generations continue and our history becomes longer - can't we see we are not evolving? We only THINK we are - because we are all so caught up in the desire to be happy and content - not realizing that this world is devolving. As we move throughout the years - the atrocities of the world only get bigger - the the solutions become less effective. We are expecting something outside of ourselves to change ourselves - and this is impossible. If we cannot change ourselves - how can we expect the world to change. If we are not willing to change - how can we expect others to change?

Evolution implies actually learning from the mistakes - taking another route, trying something different and becoming better within the effectiveness of existence. We can see within this then that Humanity has not evolved - as we still allow starvation and war and rape and pornography and inequality and hate. Until we realize that we can't keep covering up what is here with pretty pictures of evolving - we will never have the power to change what is here. Because to Change what is Here - we Must Face what is Here - and that means ALL of what is here. Every part - every aspect, nothing left out - all visible here to see for real. Then we will have the ability to direct this world.

EVILution is the belief that Humanity is getting better without living actual practical solutions that is Best for All in this World .Until we are living Equality and Oneness - we are not evolving - we are allow evil to reign on earth. Equal Money and Desteni present solutions for this World that would actually create evolution in this world - where we see what we have accepted and allowed - we no longer accept it and we correct it until all life is Free. This is when we will see a progression within Humanity.

Will you Face the Truth?

Stop waiting - stop idling by - stop your own self interest pursuit of happiness within your own opinion of how Life is and Dare to Face the Life that is Here. Be the Change - join the solution.