08 February 2012

2012: 21 Days and Beyond...

21 Days and Beyond...

So I have been constant with myself in writing a blog everyday for the last 24 days. It is cool to be here and see how I am learning to trust myself - within realizing that it is about making a decision within self and giving self no room to negotiation. Meaning - through this writing process, I have experienced resistances, and irritation and distractions and avoidance - but in the end, always making the decision to complete the task, walk it through, get it done.

Looking back on the process, I can see where I can be more specific within my writing, within applying myself within self responsibility for what I am writing through self forgiveness, and actually utilizing this writing process as a way to face myself. As points came up within myself through the last 3 weeks of self judgment and fear of others, and mostly self judgments. And instead of taking a part these points within myself, facing them, seeing where they are coming from, how I created them... I just breathed through them in suppressing them in not dealing with them. Just doing the very basic of what I said I would - which I can see as dishonest. Because if I can see there is more for me to do within addressing a point - it is my responsibility to do so, and if I am not - it is because I am trying to hide from myself. And within that - realizing that this process is about self perfecting - and the idea that I have another time to do something that is in my present awareness - that is dishonest. I am then separating myself from myself in the moment of what is here.

So pushing myself to become more directive within myself in addressing points that arise in the moment. My daily self reflections can be a bit general - so it's time to zero in on what it is I am accepting and allowing - through seeing for real where these points originate within myself.

Another point I realize in relation to not being specific with points that arise in the moment - is that through this I accept myself to time loop. I accept myself to prolong my process of facing myself. I prolong the process of all as I being equal and one with all, I am equally responsible for what is here as me, within and without. thus, if I am not facing and changing and forgiving what is here as me in the moment - I am not supporting change in this world - I am only prolonging the suffering and inequality. This is unacceptable.

The Process is then pushing self to see more, do more, realizing more than what is currently being accepted and allowed, as this is who I really am. Who we have been living as is a lie, and thus it is up to us to open ourselves and expand ourselves in ways that are best for all. And we do this through facing who we are in every moment - and taking responsibility of ourselves as creators through self forgiveness.

Grateful to be here and grateful for the tools of self discovery.

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