25 January 2012

2012: Everything happens for a Reason - Statement of Deception?

Who here as heard the phrase, "Everything happens for a reason!"??

I know I have - and I have been the one preaching it.

You didn't get the job... "everything happens for a reason"

You're boyfriend left you... "everything happens for a reason"

You couldn't buy that home... "everything happens for a reason"

There are countless ways we have expressed this saying, "everything happens for a reason" From what I can see - in most cases it is used as a way to make people feel better about themselves - to not be hard on themselves - to not feel like they are 'left out of this cruel world' Behind it we can see it plays a part in keeping up in acceptance of a 'greater plan'. That no matter what happens in our lives - it was 'planned' to be and there is a reason it was.

My boyfriend left me for my best friend... 'everything happens for a reason'

The baby was born still born... 'everything happens for a reason'

"I got a huge promotion and I'm getting married and my life is so great and life is so beautiful - and I am so happy with what is happening in my life.... everything DOES happen for a reason."


What are we actually accepting and allowing within this statement. Statements we attempt to live to make sense of this world and what is going on in our lives. We feel special knowing there is a 'plan' for us - as we are so consumed with ourselves and our own reality - we have failed to question whether this statement is actually what is best for all.

Child Prostitution exists... everything happens for a reason?

People day from starvation every day... everything happens for a reason?

Corporations steal resources from lands and people to make a profit so many can consume consume consume... everything happens for a reason?

Porn, rape, child abuse, murder, war... all of these things are accepted and allowed and lived and we say... 'everything happens for a reason'

Time to stop. Time to stop living delusional statements that do not support what is best for all - but only our secluded pursuit of happiness - where we can believe there is a greater purpose and plan for us that we use to wait and sit by and be ignorant to what is actually being accepted and allowed within our shared reality.

"Everything happens for a reason" is an attempt to abdicate our self responsibility for what we create within this world. There is nothing 'out there' or 'greater then us' or a 'master plan' that is dictating our lives. This implies we are slaves. And if we accept such a statement to be real for ourselves - then we accept our own enslavement.

The only reason anything happens in this world - including all and everything that exists HERE - is because, we as Humanity - have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist in separation of ourselves and each other and our home called Earth. We instead pretend we live in a movie where we seek pleasures out side of ourselves to make us feel better and to make us feel good. Seeking that temporary self high where we can imagine we are all sorts of wonderful things without having to face the actuality of this reality.

Time to wake up - time to stop pretending - Time for us to Get Real - and Get back to this Reality and stop allowing our beliefs to run our lives.

"Everything happens for a reason" means there is something greater then yourself here - showing you something - trying to teach you a lesson - placing you in an experience/situation that you are forced to accept through such a statement.

There is no reason for inequality to exists. There is no reason for separation to exists. There is no reason for hate or self interest or fear or crime or anything that is not best for all.. to exist. Because we can Live what is best for all. We can live Equality and Oneness. We can Live with eachother - Equal and One.

We can stop our pretending and start over. We can change ourselves. We can change our world - We just have to change what we accept and allow. And this starts with ourselves.

So I dare you to question that which you've held to be valuable - to question who you are in this world and what you've come to believe. I dare you to open your eyes in seeing this world for what is is - A place that requires Direction - where Humans take back the Directive Principle of ourselves and stop waiting for the unfolding of 'something greater.. out there' to happen. Make sense of your life with Common Sense. Face yourself in self honesty. Forgive yourself and others for what we have accepted and allowed and take back the directive power to change YOU - to change this world.

Because no one can save us. No one can change us. We are the only ones.

Life has no reason in inequality. The Quality of Life and the purpose of our path is Equality. Dare to Stand Up and Be the Change.