28 January 2012

2012: "Be a leader, not a follower"

"Be a leader, not a follower"

This statement has existed in my life for a long time - and only now I see it for what is really is.

TO be a 'follower' within this world - is to go with the flow - accept this world the way it is - to not question what is here as what we call life - to 'fit it' and present a personality that does not consider life or who we are in fact. It is to be blind to how this world operates and how each of us operates - but to keep accepting and allowing ourselves to exist in our own separate reality of the mind where we can do anything we want and be anything we want and not face ourselves within this physical reality. As I see this world reflects who each one is. So to be a follower implies you accept this Life the way it is - and do nothing to change yourself or this world.

To be a leader - is to dare to question ourselves and this world. TO expose and reveal the actual nature of what is going on and to not stop until all abuse ends in this world - because it is unnecessary. there is no point for inequality and separation and abuse to exists - it is because of a money system that 'leads the way' for us to not question what is actually going on. To be a leader is to change - actually - practically in ways that can be lived - where we investigate who we are and what we have become and dare to direct ourselves to be a human that actually cares about life. Where we find ways were all can live free - be free - without being a slave to a money system where we believe we have free choice. how is this so when the only choice that exists is how you can make money to survive. that is not free choice - that is an illusion and is set up so that we does dare to question this reality.

A leader does something different. Tries something different.

A leader stands up for something - for themselves - even if others don't agree or cannot yet understand it.

A leader paves a new path - creates something new - dares to be different.

Yet - leader/follower also implies separation. Within equality - there is no leader or follower - there are equals. And this is what is required of this world.

I had a family member tell me that he can't stand to see me "trying to change the fucking world" and for me to stop being a parrot and a follower - i am too beautiful and smart and i should be a leader.

To me, I am - because I am not allowing myself to be in blind ignorance of what this world actually is - I am standing Up for the Principle of Life - of what is Best for All - Equality and Oneness. And I wont stop until it's done. There is no other choice - because None are free until All are free.

Some might not see 'why' we as destonians do what we do - yet realize it must be done. Sharing ourselves - exposing this world - presenting a solution that is best for all - this is how we change ourselves and until this world is a reflection of a humanity that actually cares about itself - we wont stop.

I can't stop because someone doesn't like what I am doing - isn't that being a follower?

I can't stop because people fear what I am involved in - isn't that being a follower?

I see the common sense of Equality and an Equal Money System - and I am willing to walk my whole life to ensure this happens. Realizing I have to be the change I want to see in this world. Common Sense. Actually, Practically Lived.