18 January 2012

2012 - Face our Reality

2012 is Here

dom.. dom... dom...

There is A LOT of hype around this year - so many beLIEfs - so many thoughts - so many ideas - so many fears - so many opinions - so many Human Beings lost in distraction of fantasy and illusion.

The POINT is - this is just another year. And all the beliefs swirling around it - is just another way we distract ourselves from taking responsibility for what is HERE - as the current state of this world.

Whether we BeLIEve jesus is going to return and save us - or it's aliens coming to clean up our mess - see it for what is actually is - A Means to keep ourselves BLIND to how we can actually change this world.

There are so many angles one can take and challenge with common sense in terms of how people are holding/placing value on this year, 2012 - which I will do in many blogs to come. This is just a starter - to open the conversation and to start removing the blinders.

What will it take for us to WAKE UP and see this doomsday prophecy or someone will come and save us wishful thinking to be what ALL the other 'this is what this date means' is just a waste of our time and is exposing to us how much we give value to ideas/beliefs/hopes/wishes/illusions.

On Dec 22, 2012 - We will still be Here. No one will have come to save us - nothing will have changed - this world will still be existing as it currently does - within an enslavement system of money - where free choice is an illusion and we allow majority of the population to starve. Will we then stop pretending? Will we then DO something about this allowance within Humanity? Will we Stop living in make believe and starting getting back to Reality? I guess we will see.

I don't have to wait and be 'let down' after this year produces nothing more but the same that has been created - separation and inequality within Humanity. I will continue being as I am now - walking a Process of Self Change - where I challenge what I have accepted to be the nature of this world - and start living in a way where I am able to direct myself to be the solution - to be the change I want to see in this world.

We either see this for ourselves now - and take action to stop living in a lie - and starting living for real - in this reality and take self responsibility.. or we wait and see and hope and pray and prepare for something we beLIEve will happen - and we do nothing in the process. One choice seems to be best for all - as it takes in consideration those that suffer within this world - in a system where they are not allowed 'freedom' to choose what they eat, where they live - how they live. The other is self interest - in believing something 'greater then ourselves' is going to happen and then we will be protected and this world will the 'handled'.

WE have to be the ones to stop and change. WE have to be the ones that save ourselves. How much time do we think we have existing in belief systems that do not consider the whole of humanity? I doubt much - and this is why I choose Life. I choose what is HERE. I choose to face reality and stand up and Direct myself and this world into a place of worth. Where life is honored as worthy enough to Live - EQUALLY.

Join the solution.


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