04 September 2011

Responding to "The Mind is not the Enemy"

Here is a response I made to a youtube user sharing the perspective that, although he agrees with the Point of Equality - he did not agree with, what he claims to be what desteni says, "the Mind is the Enemy" Here is what he wrote: Hey You're a great person, thanks for being my friend. Just wanted to share my perspective on Desteni with you and see what you think. I stumbled upon videos made by Desteni Productions about a year ago and I was really intrigued. They have some very unique perspectives. They stumbled upon some interesting information, but I'm not sure they know what they have stumbled upon or how to work with it properly. I like that they bring everything back to the Self. It's true: everything is about the Self. So, that's a correct/true point that Desteni makes. They also stand for Equality for All, which is great. Equality is an important point. I admire them for that. However, one of Desteni's main points is to negate or "bypass" the Mind (or mind-consciousness or Ego-consciousness) to get to the Self. This negation of the mind is what I definitely disagree with. Even though the mind-consciousness is not authentic to Self, it cannot be bypassed or ignored. One cannot just abandon it, like abandoning a broken car. That's just avoidance. That's like cutting one's arm off because it's broken. It's just silly. We must become conscious of shortcomings of the mind. That's it: just become conscious how the mind is not the true Self is enough, no need to completely abandon the mind. The mind is a tool, we just need to recognize it as such and not get caught up in it. So, if the mind is a house, we just need to clean the house, not completely destroy it. We still need a place to live, right? So, instead of trying to abandon the Mind (mind or ego-consciousness), we just need to develop our Self, more & more, bit by bit. We must go through the mind, to get to the Self. It's through, that's the key. To try to stop the mind will cause an energetic short-circuit (in the psyche). It's dangerous. If the mind is a broken car, then we need to fix that car, not abandon it. We need the car to travel with, right? So, let's fix the car (our broken psyches), instead of throwing it in the trash. As they say, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. The mind just needs to be cleansed (just like a body needs to be cleansed of toxins). The key is to unravel the mind, to untie the knots that the mind gets into, to untangle the mind (like untangling wires). Trying to bypass, neglect or stop the mind is not practical or even possible. Again, Desteni has some good points to make, but the Mind is not the enemy. The enemy is confusion. The mind just amplifies that confusion. We just need to become un-confused. It's that simple. Here is my Response: Your words here expose that you have not fully read/understood/applied the tools/material that Desteni shares, because if you had - you would have realized that Desteni doesn't claim the Mind is the 'enemy', but that who we have accepted ourselves to be is that of a Mind Consciousness System. Generated and supported through participating of the internal mind reality, consisting of various dimensions of self. The Mind is who we have accepted ourselves to be - which is in fact limited, as we currently find ourselves in A Reality that is physical, with physical needs/requirements that does not need a thinking machine to support. Desteni simply says - take Responsibility for what Self Has created Self to be - which is only a Mind System/Ego System of Self Interest. Your statement, "So, if the mind is a house, we just need to clean the house, not completely destroy it. We still need a place to live, right?" implies excatly what desteni shares - that we have defined and accepted ourselves based on the existence of the MInd - as if this is who we really are. When we are not. We are simply Physical Beings in a Physical Reality. It is not about 'bypassing' the MInd - it is to see who we have become AS the Mind - becoming Equal to that and thus Stopping in Realizing it's not who we really are. We are, as i've said, physical beings breathing physically here. So - we breathe equal and one with our physical bodies - stopping our participation within the mInd - as it excludes and disregards the physical reality and allows the being/self to exist in isolation from what is really here. This is how we have separated ourselves. So at Desteni - we apply simple, practical and specific tools to take Self Responsibility for what has been accepted and allowed to be the Human Experience. Breathing - realizing the physical is that which allows us to exist here, so we become equal and one as the Directive Principle. Stopping our participating in an alternate reality within the Mind, where we only exists as judgments and projections and theories, not considering the Whole as the Physical.(All Life - Earth - Manifested Universe) Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness, expressed as the breath in every moment, and writing to see the nature of ourselves as we have accepted(as thoughts feelings and emotions). Stopping the automation of the Mind as the dictator of ourselves, and taking back control of who we are Here. Suggest to investigate Desteni more thoroughly before 'assuming' what Desteni stands as/for. Join us in the Intro to Desteni Forum - there we discuss points such as this and in expansion. We are a Group of People coming together within the Starting Point of Equality and Oneness - What is Best for All. Simple Common Sense. We are here to bring about a Solution. Join us. www.desteni.co.za/intro-forum