10 June 2011

Set Yourself Free - Write Yourself Out

Writing Yourself TO Freedom

What is This? What does it imply and how does it work?

Writing yourself to freedom is as simply as it sounds. Writing out oneself to self - looking as who oneself is in fact, as thoughts feelings and emotions. It's having a conversation with oneself - but a self directive conversation exposing to oneself what is allowed within the inner and outer reality of self.

It's a tool used within those Walking with Desteni - to investigate who one is in this Reality. What thoughts self participates within - what ideas and beliefs self hold. Who Self is in relation to everything else that is Here.

Through writing it out - we are able then to see Who we are. To get to freedom - This takes Self Honesty. Self Honesty is to be able to honestly look at what thoughts we carry - what judgments we hold - what perceptions we believe in and give power to.

For me - It has supported me in 'letting go' of the shit that mulls around in my head. Thoughts that I allow to cause reactions within me - anxieties, worries fears, even just voices that I for so long believed were me. Writing them out allows me to take back my power - and thus decide what I do with what I find - as allowing thoughts and feelings and emotions to run our life, we are just enslaved.

It allows me to lay out for myself what is actually going on with me. It's Self Intimacy. Looking into Self to see what is actually Here, to Face it, to Reveal to ourself what has been accepted as the 'Who I am' as the Mind - and allows Self then to take Responsiblity and Re Direct Self into an existence that considers All.

It is something the Mind as Me resists, as I realize what is happening. I am Changing myself - to no longer allow my Mind to be the Directive Role - but to make an actual action within awareness that is in fact Best for All. And as I resist - I push myself to write more - knowing this is the Support required in order to Walk this Process that we are all here currently walking.

Writing is righting ourselves out. It allows as a guideline to see where One is - where One as Been and to sort our where One is going. It is an Act of Self Love.

Try it out. Unconditionally. Let yourself Go - Set yourself Free in Writing. See who you are, without Shame or Judgments - but Face it and Stand up within it. Realizing that who we have Become is unworhty to Who we are in Fact. Time to take Back our Destiny.

We all have been waiting for This - Asking the Question - Who am I? Where have I come from? Why am I here? All these Answers are Here within Self - it just Takes Self to Look Within.