21 May 2011

"Heaven is a Fairytale for those Afraid of the Dark"

This statement was recently made in an interview by Stephen Hawkins - a physicist.

He goes on to say that the Human brain is simply a computer and that when the components run out - it shuts down. "There is no heaven or afterlife for a browkdown computer"

Which is fascinating - if one have a Self Honest look at how we as Humans 'operate'. We are machines, programmed and condition to have a specific perspective, which we believe is our 'uniqueness' - yet we are merely copies of DNA transferred from past generations.

More specifically - this idea that there is a Heaven - a place 'waiting for us' for when we die.

This would imply we are not satisfied with where we are now. And the fact that Death exists - we desire to explain the purpose and reason of LIfe and why we are Here.

Suppose we would not have to do this - if Life was actually Lived and not just the Fear of Survival. Currently - this is how we experience ourselves, whether we have acknowledged this or not. The current economic system Dictates what Life is - You either have Money - and thus 'freedom' to experience yourself comfortable, or you have no Money - and you experience, in fact, Hell On Earth.

No, you say? Test it out for yourself and let us all know. Who are you without Your Money? Live like another - like alost half the population LIves everyday - because of no Money.

And while this exists, inequality and abuse of Life - there are those of us pretending that God has set up a lovely little place for us when we die.

Stephen Hawkins has a Point. Do you think we would need the Belief in Heaven if we were living Heaven on Earth. Would we believe in an afterlife if we were actually Living Life Here?

It is just a fairytale we use to make ourselves feel better - to cover up the fact that we are not Living, but in fact dying. We exist in fear of the truth.

It is the Same as the belief in Santa Claus - do the 'right thing', and have faith that someone will be there giving to you what you desire - you will be taken cared of and you have to do nothing about it but do what you are told.

This is Slavery. And we allow our own enslavement.

What if Humanity knocked it off already. What if we decided there is OBVIOUSLY no need for an Afterlife if we ALL were able to LIve Equally Here. In an Equal Money System - we wouldn't need to believe in anything beyond this LIfe because we would actually Be Living to our Full Potential. There would be no fear of death or suffering, as it currently exists because of the Money System, because an Equal money System would END ALL Suffering. All would be supported Equally to be Here - All honored as LIfe Equally.

Again - beliving in heaven is a fantasy that allows separation and exists only within Self Interest. Because it says that we are only interested in what will happen to us when we die - we forget about the Rest of Humanity that dies everyday without food or water or shelter. That dies of no medicine because of no money.

This is Unacceptble and we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing such excuses to exist.

Let us STOP existing in ideas of what lies beyond and Start Taking Responsibility for what IS HERE. Let us Sort our THIS REALITY first. The REALity we all find ourselves currently. Lets ensure LIfe for all HERE. This is our Responsibilty, as a Whole.

Who will Stand Up?

Heaven is Here within an Equal Money System