09 April 2011

Day 7 - Snap out of It

Day 7

"Snap out of It"

Why would it be ok to have thoughts?

Why do we defend ourselves as 'thinkers'?

Why would we accept a 'secret world' within ourselves - as the Mind - when this World we all Share is in the shape it is.

How can we consider it 'ok' to talk to ourselves within our MInds?

Why havent we questioned what this means?

How can we just accept 'our nature' the way it is - with out considering maybe 'who we are' currently is the actual cause of Why the World 'is the way it is'.

Memories = Entertainment - as all Thoughts and pictures in the Mind are forms of Entertainment - Distracting us from what is Real - from what MATTERS.

WAKE UP - We are the Reason this World IS - therefore TIME TO STOP. Stop the Separation within ourselves to Stop the Separation within this World.