17 April 2011

Day 14 - It's the Matter that Matters

Day 14

Thinking is separation - separation from what is Here as the phsycial Reality -where we are in fact and that which matters.

As I was washing a french press that I have at my mom's place - it reminded me of when I was on the Desteni Farm - where I first used a french press. I was in my mind within this memory, the different experiences I had with the french press and how I broke at least 1, very possible 2 of them while I was there.

And while I was thinking about this - within the Reality that is Here - that Reality I was separating myself from being within the memory, existing only for me, I broke the french press I was washing.

Interesting - because as I was separating from the Physical Reality, existing in the Imaginary Reality - I ended up breaking/ruining what it is I was actually participating with.

Just a small example and reminder for me of what it means to be within and As the Mind - it completely disregards what is Real - what is actually Here - and allows for the 'accidents' to happen. It get's no attention, and it breaks. It shatters.

Our thoughts, our memories - are only a distraction. Keeping is from paying attention to that which is Real - that which keeps us focus on what MATTERS, as the Physical Matter. And how delicate it is, that if we are not 'here' - not realizing what it is we are doing - we can so easily break it. We harm it. We ignore it - which will only lead to regret.

This is why I breath and use this incident as a reminder of Why I push myself to stop my participation with thoughts, memories, pictures and ideas within the mind that keep me from what REALly Matters. The Physical - the Breath.