31 March 2011

Day 8 - Do you hear yourself?

Blogging - Day 8

What I see is people like to talk alot.

This includes me.

Yet what are we saying? Do we even hear ourselves? Do we speak out of expectation?

WE talk a lot - about things and people and words just flying out - looking for someone to listen to them - to hear them - to validate them.

Yet - do we validate ourselves? Have we considered hearing ourselves?

I work with a lot of people that speak just to speak. And what they are assisting me to realize is this is Me - and sometimes Silence is golden.

I no more speak because you expect me to.

I no more speak to support separation.

I stop and check myself before I allow words to flow from me - realizing my words are me. So what it is I am? Hear the words - what I speak about - what I think about - what I focus my attention on - Is me.

How supportive I am for Me.

Check yourself with Breath and Realize the words you speak Expose the Nature of You.

Dare to See the Truth.