31 March 2011

Day 7 What exists is this moment

I haven’t done my writing yet today – and I see resistances in the form of the belief, I have no insights to offer tonight. 

Placing expectation or more so comparisions on myself from yesterday’s and previous writings. Like saying to myself that other’s got specific feedback – or I ‘felt good’ about certain ones – and so I desire for tonight’s writing to be the same. Yet – this is comparisions. This is competition. This is war. This is saying who I am here in this moments needs to live up to a previous moment I experienced, basically saying this moment is less then another. Which is unacceptable and I do not allow myself to believe in this. As I realize – within every moment in the potential of expression, and to compare one moment to another as needing to be as great or as creating the same experience within myself – is self deception and self abuse. Taking away Life here in THIS moment – allowing expression to flow freely, without concern of it being compared or comparing it to something else – when that something else doesn't actually exist. 

What exists is this moment. What is Here – as I type this words. As I breathe in – this is what is real and what is Here and yester day is over and tomorrow hasn’t happened – and therefore I stay here- in equality and oneness in consideration of all life.

Because anything else is separation and only allowing what currently exists to continue. This – I do not allow. I no longer accept this of myself, within myself or within this world. Therefore I stop and Stand. And express without fear. Without shame. Without comparing. Without this needing to be anything other then what it is – which is Here.