18 March 2011

Day 5 - Do you Fear this World?

Day 5

What can I say.

I don't watch the news. I don't really read the news either. Why?

Is it because I don't make time for it?

Is it because I believe it to be irrelevant?

I can say honestly because for awhile I was walking around with this beLIEf that  watching the news - especially American News - was only 'fueling the fire' - meaning = watching the news, and seeing how fucked up this world really is, and see one disaster after another, and seeing the hopelessness and the helplessness - I thought - watching this is only creating more of this.

yet I realize I was not being Self Honest. I was being Self Deceiving - Deceiving myself in believing that that wasn't me. That it had nothing to do with me - or that somehow it was separate from me and my Life - like it was it's own separate Reality.

This is how we have created this Inequality in the World. We have failed to see how the 'greater Reality' as the World, is actually a Reflection of who we are Here. Who each one is as an individual, living their individual lifes - not realizing what we've created.

So I would look at this News and say No. No to seeing the truth of this Reality. Of what actually Exists - to Face what is Really Here.

And it's not about watching the News and Reacting - yet it is to See the Truth and thus Realize there must be a Solution.

And that Solution starts with Us. With who We are. What what We do.

No more Fearing the World and re-creating the same = fear, but Time to See the Truth of the MATTER, and  Change it, Once and for All.

This is where I consider who I am.

Why have I resisted seeing/watching/reading the News? Because I'm afraid to see what's being Relfected back to me?

No more. I do not allow this of Myself.

So Here I push myself to face myself, and this World - Realizing that as we walk towards a Solutions, we must first see what We have done in order to never again allow what's been created back into existence.

Time to take Responsibility.