460: Change and Creation - Slowly, but Surely

Not long along I began writing about an experience I had in relation to quick fixes, and instant gratification – where frequently I could see my starting point for doing something, or changing something, or applying a new habit, or stopping an old one, was existing within the point of desire – wanting it to happen NOW.

I realized, through writing about this, that change doesn’t happen like that. It’s a process. That’s why we call what we do within Desteni a process – because it takes time. It takes discipline, and commitment, and application daily to change yourself; a habit, an addiction, a pattern, a routine, an experience. We have space and time to work with – and while I could see this not long ago, it has come up again for me to re-visit.

What does it mean to create? We often fixate ourselves on the end result – the desire to have or be someone different… and we focus on that as being the most important part, when in reality – it’s the process. It’s the physical actions that accumulate the result, and that is what we call the creation Process. That is where our focus, and attention must be; that is where our efforts must be channeled.

So I’m going to share some previous writings on this to give more understanding into the experience of wanting something different quick, and how it doesn’t actually, and can’t ultimately work that way.

May 19th, 2016
How do I experience myself at the moment? There is a mix between a want and a resistance to write.

Often I look for quick fixes, and instantaneous change, and often this will be my starting point for something I apply or move myself to do. Though, often the pattern that plays out is me not sticking with it.

So for instance with writing – the want is a change in my experience, empowerment from the act. Though it’s tainted with a quick fix desire. After one session of writing I want to see results. A similar point exists within exercising. But, when that doesn’t happen… because it can’t happen, that’s not how space and time currently work, I often quit before results are produced.

The experience or thoughts within that are such as, “it’s not working,” or, “nothing is happening,” or simply the lack of positive experience from no quick fix/change implies nothing is happening.

But really, what is not happening is the mind energy/experience… No-thing. Rather the work is in the physical, slowly but surely accumulating, and the time is evidence of the effort, which results from the process.

So rather than moving from a starting point of “want for a quick fix/change” it should be, or could be an understanding of what it means to change, and create.

The want for something to change quickly, or to see the evidence of change fast is like an attempt to prove something to oneself or others.

It’s like I want to be different than who I am, and in the hopes my experience will be better or I will be better. And in this, it’s as if I am suppressing who I really am, in self-honesty, not embracing and facing the real me that I am trying to change so fast.

Though I realize until I do face, and embrace this me, I will never change.

So rather denying this me, and want to quick change me, how to prove I can and I am better than this me, I’m running from. I must slowly but surely walk the space, and time process of unfolding, seeing, understanding, forgiving, and start living. I can’t expect change overnight, or from one night of writing. I must walk the change consistently and create it as me, as who I am naturally.

**So the key here… creation, and change, is a PROCESS. The end results you see on other’s Facebook wall of them graduating, or getting a new job, or getting married, or whatever they are showing to you to say hey, look at this... look at what I created… there was days, months, maybe even years put into it. Thing’s don’t magically just change, or show up, or transform – life is a process, creation is a process and while we like to focus on the end results and get our praises, and positive feelings from it… the truth is in the Journey. What it took to create. The Process.

So patience to slowly but surely, consistently committing to oneself, to create oneself to be the best version of self. That is what this Journey is all about.

More blogs to follow up with as there are ideas of myself, beliefs, and patterns needing to be sorted in the above writing.  Till next time.

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