07 January 2015

382: Minding the Life Force

An interesting question came up within me while listening to part two of the Atlantean's 'Mind Tiredness vs Physical Tiredness' recording. It was this: How is it possible that one can become physically tired or exhausted from just thinking? It's an interesting question because within the act of 'thinking' one is not physically moving, or in any way physically active. Yes - one can be physically active or moving while one is thinking, yet how can thinking as an act alone cause one to become physically tired? Seems to not make sense, right? I mean one is just thinking - one is not moving their legs, or arms, or moving in such a way where their heart rate is increasing. Thinking seemingly uses no physical energy to be exerted in order to do the act - and yet, how many times have we heard that we are tired from 'too much thinking' or similarly the statement, 'I'm emotionally exhausted'?

What can one then gather from this consideration? That the act of thinking, and to become filled with or participate within positive and negative emotions and feelings through the act of thinking, is actually what consume the physical resources as energy of our physical body, as we can observe in how we become physical tired or exhausted while not actually doing anything in terms of exerting physical energy in action or movement. We are literally taking from our physical bodies the energy used to exist physically in our day to day lives, simply to fuel and sustain our internal/mind reality of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Seems silly we would allow such a point, as thinking does not get us to our job, and having outbursts of anger or sadness does not get us to the store to complete our grocery shopping. We cannot cash the future projections, imaginations, or past memories for a full tank of gas - these are all things that the PHYSICAL BODY support us to do. And so what have we done? Taking something that is practically required to exist and function day to day, and end up using it for impractical reasons. Where's the common sense in that?

So I find it quite interesting how we have come to accept the reality that 'thinking too much' or stress, which is really just again thinking too much, can cause one to become physically tired or exhausted to the point where one thinks one must sleep more than what is practically necessary. This is in fact a manifested consequence of how we have valued our minds and what we participate within our minds as thoughts, feelings, and emotions, more than our physical bodies and so physical life and living - wherein we ALLOW our participation in the Mind to extract or MINeD physical substance to sustain it; we use our physical substance for the imaginary world in our minds, instead of using it to function fully, absolutely engages physically HERE, and in optimum potential throughout our day. Imagine a world where people used the physical life force they have as their physical bodies and used it to direct themselves within actual physical changes not only in their life, but in the life of others and for humanity and all life as a whole, instead of using the life force that we have to stay stagnant in the mind wherein we value that reality where we are the center of the Universe and our wants, needs, and desire become more important than what is happening on a global scale, effecting All Life Equally.

Sounds so similar to how we are taking the resources from the Body as the Earth for temporary and instant economical gains, rather than using them to create a sustaining system that Benefits All; taking something that is practically valuable to ALL life on Earth and turning it into an impractical investment. As above so below, as within so without. Another clear example revealing how the nature of One as an individual actually mirrors and exists as what we see in/as the Collective Whole of Humanity. So - the responsibility is for each one to make a decision regarding who one is, what one participates in, what one values in terms of Real Life and Living or the Imaginary Universe where only the Me of Self-Interest Exists. Investigate Desteni.

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