12 December 2014

379: How to Stop Emotions from Taking Over

Continuing on with the fourth recording of the series about the point of Giving Up I've been listening to by the Atlantean's, it's all about the practical support and assistance we can give to ourselves to no longer simply play out or act out the pattern of giving up, and instead rather direct ourselves through it, and in that, actually expand ourselves as who we are in relation to that particular thing and see or rather LIVE the potential within us.

For me the most supportive point was to realize how that giving up really is simply an emotional reaction, and so like any emotional reaction I face, the corrective application to support myself within such a moment of facing it is to stop and breathe, and in that, stand up within/as my physical body - where instead of completely allowing the mind as the emotional reaction to take over, to instead breathe within/as my body, ground myself in the moment HERE and so my physical environment and to stabilize any reactions that may be coming up. Because one thing I've learned throughout this process is that rational, logical, direct, REAL, common sensical reasoning or assessing/seeing does not exist when one is reacting within emotions and feelings - it's strictly the emotion and feeling energy that we become consumed by and so limited within as we validate that this experience is real and so cannot see anything beyond that, let alone the ACTUAL reality of a situation/moment or even ourselves.

So for example - say you are asked to do something that you are not comfortable with or don't have much experience with, such as public speaking. And while you see that doing it would support you in developing yourself as a being and the skills you have, and basically expand you within what you are able to do - you instead react within fear; fear of how others will think of you, self-judgments that you're not good enough, imaginations of worst-case scenarios, and within this fear you sink into yourself thinking there is NO WAY you could do this, because the fear as energy as emotion is charged up to the point where you feel paralyzed and absolutely convinced that you simply cannot do it, nope - nuh uh, no way man, done deal.

Though - what if in such a moment, you were to instead stop and breathe. Meaning - you stop the worst-case scenarios from playing out in your mind, you stop the self-judgment that says there is someone else who would do it better than you, and you let go of caring how others might see you and instead you breathe in and breathe out and bring yourself back to your physical body; you move out of the Mind and into your body that is grounded and stable HERE in this physical reality.

Imagine that. You stop the energy reaction of fear, you stop the images in your mind, you stop the voices in your head and you are simply here. And you see that initial common sense that it's not something you are familiar with yet you see it would support you in expanding your skills and expression and while it may be a challenge, you see indeed this is something that will support you in life and there is no valid reason or excuse that suggests otherwise.

And look at that - the point of giving up stemming from the fear of 'what could happen' or 'what will happen' and all the negative energy surrounding the initial reaction diminishes and you are now in a position to stop the pattern of giving up before you start - or of giving up at the moment where it matters the most for you to stop, step up and direct yourself within who you are and what you do, meaning where the mind and the fear and the energy no longer decides for you.

What one can then do from here is to list or write out ALL the points that came up within yourself/your mind that suggest this would be too much of a challenge and that perhaps it's not something you want to do or to continue with - to physically put it out onto paper and look at it with real eyes. From where, point by point you can see what is a real problem or concern and the possible solutions, so that you are no longer trusting the first thought that comes to mind that says you shouldn't do something, and instead see what it is that you are THINKING you shouldn't do, why/what's behind it, and if it's something you can actually direct.

Another example here - say you think you don't speak well enough to do public speaking - so then you practice speaking in front of someone you trust. Or you think you don't know enough about the topic material, well if you were asked to speak then you must know enough, and if you still don't feel you do, then do your homework and prepare yourself. What i'm saying here is that there are always solutions to our apparent problems that we come up with in our minds; that if we were to stop and take a moment to breathe and look within ourselves, without the emotional energy having any influence on what we are looking at, then we will see how much we limit ourselves within what we do and that we can indeed direct ourselves to expand in our abilities and thus live our utmost potential. The point would simply be to work with ourselves in walking through that which exists in our minds that keep us from going beyond what we are comfortable with; to indeed embrace the challenge.

So yes, it's basically a matter of acknowledging that perhaps you may not be experienced or as familiar with something you are suppose to do or asked to do, such as public speaking - though that does not mean that you should not do it. Instead it can be a point of expansion support - where you can see who you really are in relation to public speaking; get to know who you are as your mind as all the things that come up as the 'obstacle' that prevents you from moving forward and what it is about you that you will have to face/change/direct/walk through to get yourself through the point, rather than giving up.

If you want to learn more specifically about how to apply such corrections in your life, first you can invest in the self-perfecting material found on EQAFE, as well as learn to tools through a free online course, DIP Lite, specifically designed for those ready to develop and expand themselves as a being, to live what is actually possible for each in this life and ready to let go of the self-inflicted patterns that keep us in the same space and mind-set instead of walking a rewarding life through the challenges of changing our nature.

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