30 August 2014

365: The Emotional Roller Coaster we Call Life

Recently I went to the state fair, which in my state of Minnesota, is quite a big deal and is anticipated and rejoiced every year around this time as the 'Great Minnesota Get Together'.

And like any fair, rides were a part of the set up. So my sister and I went on a few rides. The last one we went on was quite an interesting experience. It is called Mouse Trap and for the most part, your typically fair roller coaster. Nothing too high or too extreme. Yet I will tell you, coming off the ride I can see where the term 'emotional roller coaster' came from.

I felt like I had just come out of the most rocky, turbulent, conflicted experience/interaction ever, like a bad relationship you refuse to let go of. It was like I was dragged through the ringer, been in a boxing match, and was left spent on the side of the road. I felt like I was 'all over the place' coming off the ride, and it's exactly how I can relate to times in my mind and in my life when I have taken myself on my own 'emotional roller coaster'.

The ride took fast, sharp turns, did a lot of little ups and downs, at one point turned us around and we were riding backwards, not seeing at all where we were heading.

When the ride was finished, all I could see was how much I felt like the times when I have really taking myself for a ride in my mind - like energetically, emotionally, physically drained and wiped out from what just happened. It's like you were sideswiped and left speechless. You are stunned and without any sense of what to do next, or any sense of direction because you are so dumbfounded as to what you just went through. All I could do was breathe - lol.

So for me, it was interesting and I could very much see that is EXACTLY how we exist as the Mind. Where we take ourselves on these ups and downs of energetic (emotional and feelings) highs and lows, where we are all over the place with thoughts and considerations and worries and stress and future projections, and past memories. We cannot stop for just one moment and BREATHE, we just continue to move, running in every which way, changing our direction in a split second, and not sure why we did that. We are even moving forward backwards, we cannot see what is behind us, even though that is the direction we are heading, because in the Mind we are so blind to actual, physical reality and what is actually HERE.

The Mind is chaotic, uncertain, un-directed, bumpy, conflicted, turbulent, high, low, left, right, zig-zagy, running in circles. There is no stability within the mind and there is certainly no calm or rationality in the mind - it is strictly running on energies and driving forces that we are not even aware of, yet it's all done within and as our very participation, our very acceptance and allowance, we we are the one participating in the 'ride' - following whatever comes up in our mind, and trusting whatever our emotions or feelings tells us to experience.

I cannot say that if I had not made the decision to walk the Desteni I Process and incorporate tools of breathing, and self honesty, and writing, and self correction, and grounding myself in physical reality (stopping my participation in thoughts, feelings and emotions), I would not have been able to see so clearly the experience I had on that roller coaster at the fair, and how devastating and consequential it can be on our physical bodies and overall state of being.

So whether it be a relationship, family, or work, emotional roller coasters are not necessary and not 'just a part of life.' We actually have the ability to get off the RIDE, and walk with our two feet on the ground, stable, directive and within calm and clear certainty. There is no need to go for such a ride, as the ride is our creation, our distraction, our amusement we use as entertain ourselves to not have to see what is really going on, and in that seeing what is going on, actually CHANGE the very constitute of our physical living and so our physical reality. We have so easily accepted the idea that who we are are Minds - that we exist as thoughts, feelings and emotions and that life is strictly limited to highs and lows and round-a-bouts that we have no control over, so much we have accepted this idea that we have not realized that we can actually STOP, breathe and no longer participate in the emotional roller coaster we have come to define as life and living. I dare you to try it - next time you see yourself getting on that ride as the emotional roller coaster, and you see you would like to get off - do it. Stop, and get off the ride, firmly plant your feet on the ground and stabilize yourself through no more accepting and allowing yourself to simply be just another passenger within your mind, blindly following what is giving to you as what you must think and how you must feel, but instead, become the driver, the director, the one slowing down and bringing the roller coaster to the end of the ride and putting it into retirement for good.

There is a free online course that assists with this process; in learning how to identify when we are thinking, when we are participating in emotions and feelings, and when we are allowing energy as highs and lows to dictate how we experience ourselves. If you are ready to get off the emotional roller coaster, then try it out for yourself - you will thank yourself because you know what it's like to be caught in a ride you wish you could get off of. Well, with the Desteni I Process, I have seen first hand how I am able to take back power and control over myself, to not let my emotions and feelings run rampant and take me on a ride where later I regret ever going on. I have learned how to stabilize myself in the most tumultuous times, how to start seeing more in practical reality contexts and not through eyes that are filtered with anger, or resentment, or desire, and lust; again the highs and lows of positive and feeling energies; the emotional roller coaster. I have learned that life is not about highs and lows, positives and negatives, goods and bads, which are simply just judgments, but instead life is HERE, stable, certain, trustworthy and when I allow myself to be grounded in physical LIFE and direct myself out of my emotional roller coaster that is my mind, I am more consistently stable, effective, and willing to develop myself in areas that will support me within living my utmost potential, because I am no more accepting and allowing myself to get caught up and dragged around, and ultimately distracted by the rides in the mind that only act to distract.

Get off the ride and get yourself grounded in stable living. After all, the emotional roller coaster is just an illusion.

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