28 December 2013

292: The Tiger and The Resistance

You are a tiger, sitting on a concrete ground. You are larger than anything else around you. You see things in the distance you would like to get to, to move towards. You have the feet to walk yourself towards it and the sight to see where to go and how to get there. You slowly stand up, one foot at a time, facing the direction of the destination before you. Your feet are firmly planted on the ground and you see how easily you can bring yourself to where you would like to be. You start walking, one foot in front of another. Step after step, you get closer to what you are walking towards. You start moving faster, with momentum, with eagerness, with determination, to get to where you are going. You start to really push yourself in the direction to get what it is you see and just as fast as you are moving, you hear a metal crack behind you and you feel a tight, restrictive pressure around your neck. You are halted, you are stopped. You cannot go any farther. The force in which you were moving forward is the same force that cause you to be stopped in your tracks. You are stuck where you are and you are held there by the metal  chain around your neck, attached to the metal chain that is reaching back to where you first started from. You are kept in a certain, specific space. You are confined. You pace back and forth, realizing you cannot step any farther because alas, you are at your bound and limit.

I am currently walking the DIP lite course and in the lesson of self forgiveness. Each day I go there to write a bit about a particular moment or experience I had in the day and then apply self forgiveness for it. It is a point I've been supporting myself with simply to bring myself back to daily, consistent and stable self writing and forgiveness. You walk this particular lesson for 14 days and today was day 8. There was resistance to doing the work tonight, even though it is really quite simple, takes hardly any time at all and was something I committed myself to do for myself as daily support.

Tonight I wrote about this resistance point I had to going and writing the lesson for today. As I was writing the self forgiveness - I saw this point I wrote out about - the story of the Tiger. I saw how resistances are like our bounds and limits and in that we are just chained/caged animals.

A resistance is an instruction that tells you where to go and where not to go, what to do and what not to do. You cannot go beyond that because simply, you are not 'meant' to. What I mean by you are not 'meant' to is that we have programmed and conditioned ourselves to exist in a finite way and expression; way of being - nature even. We have guidelines and rules that we follow, programmed into us by ourselves, our actions, our behavior, our thoughts, by our family, our environment, our culture, our education, our media, etc. There are certain limits we cannot cross and those limits are enforced by resistance. The moment we attempt to move beyond our programmed way of being - we experience a wall in/as ourselves. Like there is no possible way to get through, go around or get past this giant wall before us, keeping us in our place.

So this begs the question - are we really free? Obviously not if a resistance directs us from moving away from the direction we initially set ourselves towards.

Now usually a resistance is a negative experience where it's like "I don't like this, I don't want to do this" and then we come up with all sorts of excuses and justifications as to why we cannot do that thing we said we would initially do. Sometimes it's heavy and draining and seems absolutely impossible to move past. Sometimes it's slight and not such a negative experience - sometimes we just interpret it as a preference or part of our personality, what we do or don't do. Either way, we are directed by our Minds as our programmed nature that determine where we go, what we do, how we live and when we express. We have bounds and limits. We have chains. We have cages and we are stuck within the parameters of our programming.

The story of the Tiger above is a little bit different in terms of the type of resistance I've experienced. Usually it's a "I don't want to, noooo" which is simply a point of not willing to face myself as what I exist as and how I experience myself - yet tonight, this resistance was more of I was moving in a particular direction and the resistance came up to stop me. It challenged me. I was determined to do something and a resistance attempted to keep me back and not do what I originally decided I would do. I did not give into this resistance and through applying self forgiveness, saw this point of bounds and limits I have placed on myself. I saw how I've created myself in such a way where even though I might like to do something, to try something, to expand, to do a particular thing as being what is best for me and supports me in my process of self transformation - I am still chained and kept at bay, even though the beast is wanting to be unleashed. I still guard myself and back down and pace back and forth around particular points, not really giving it my all to break free from the chains of my bounds and limitations. Even though I see it here, it's right here for me to do, to grasp, to live, to express, to stand equal to and one with as myself - I am still allowing this thing around my neck to keep me from stepping beyond my borders, to actually expand.

Interesting how we have caged and chained our animal kingdom on this planet - doing unto them our own image and likeness. We have completely abdicated our willingness to expand, explore, discover, understand, forgive, let go, let live, move, breathe, be, LIVE and 'the resistance' is the key that either keeps us in place or embraced as the gift it is to move through, past, out of because that is the limit of the program. Beyond that is life, expression, truth - who we have yet to allow ourselves to be; our actual potential. Beyond the cage there is freedom that is self directed. The moment you face a resistance and decide to follow the 'rules' and turn around, is the moment you have given up an opportunity to see what you are really made of.

Challenge yourself through removing the chains and dare to go beyond the bounds and limitation. We have this one life - what are we willing to do in it, for it, as it? Investigate the Desteni I Process to move past your self-imposed limitation and thus the imposed limitation we have enforced on ALL LIFE.

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