26 January 2012

2012: What is Love?


What is Love?

When I was a child - and would hear the radio - I noticed a peculiar thing. Everyone was signing about love. And it appeared in a wide variety of ways. Happy songs of Love - sad songs of Love - no matter what though - as a child... I wondered about this thing that everyone seemed to be so consumed by.

What is Love? Is Love a feeling? A feeling to have to/towards someone - yet it fluxuates and is never stable - as it changes and alters and turns into other things - such as hate. I suppose this is the relationship defintion of Love - when to people 'fall in love' then 'fall outta love'. So it's like this 'space' we enter. This place we go to where we feel all these wonderful things that completely take us over and we forget about everything else in our world.

Love is a drug? It has to be. As it is used to 'feel something' - to have an experience - and it is dependent upon something else; usually another being.

How fascinating we are as Humans - seeking love in Life as if that's it. As if that's the ultimate experience - as if it defines what Life is.

How can love have various degrees? How can one person be 'in love' and another can't. Why do we think Love will save this World?

Love is fleeting and temporary - and in the end exposes who each one is in fact. Addicts looking for another high.

Everyone pushes Love to be an answer for this world. I even believed Love was the answer. If I loved myself and everyone else - we would be in a 'better place'. As if all you need is love.

But what is Love really? Just an idea we believe in - an experience we create for ourselves? A game we each play a part in. How is Love actually being Lived in this World? Does Love actually exists in this World?

If Love was Real - would inequality exist?

If Love was Real - would murder exist?

If Love was Real - would rape exist?

If Love was Real - would divorce exist?

If Love was Real - would starvation exist?

If Love was Real - would hate exist?

How can Love be Real - if it is not something Real for All?

How can Love be an answer to this world - when love does not feed bellies or put roof over peoples heads. If Love was Real - wouldn't all people be fed?

If Love was real - would we have war?

If Love was real - would we have an elite?

If Love was real - would we have competition?

If Love was Real - wouldn't it be a living application for all - where we existed in a world of Equality - where every single part of LIfe was cared for and supported and honored and cherished and valued?

How Can love be Real when we have different feelings towards different people?

Why do we accept Love to be something you share with someone else?
Why do we accept Love to be a feeling outside of ourselveS?
Why do we believe Love to be the greatest thing within Humanity? Havent we proven Love cannot possible exist?

If one child starves - and one being in life is disregarded - is there real love actually here?

What if Love was Lived? What kind of world would we live in?

Why are some allowed to have special feelings of love - while others are ignored and slaughtered?

Why do we see Love as so great? When in the name of Love - this world abuses.

What if we are using Love to mask the hate that is actually existing in this world. What if Love is the illusion. What if Love is meant to distract and create separation of specialness?

What if Loved ceased to exist? Maybe then we would no longer ignore what matters in this world - this world of matter.

Maybe if we stopped trying to 'attain' love - we would simply live here.

Maybe if Love was exposed to be creating separation - we would stop the lie and start working together. Seeing equality within all of our selfs.

What if Love hasn't been created yet?

I ask all these questions - to see within myself what have I accepted without investigating for myself. How does Love actually support this world?

It doesn't - it keeps us seeking and searching for the one point where we will find love - not realizing we can be love as a living expression of ourselves. Where we love all of the 'each others' equally. Where love is not this illusive thing that we attempt to posses - but give to all equally.

What if Love stopped existing in the Mind of fallacy - and starting becoming a reality for all?

I see this in an Equal Money System. Not only will Life be Free - love will be Free - as we will be living Freely as Love for All.

Dare to question what is Here - and dare to make a difference.

We can't keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. We have to stop and start over - removing that which does not support what is best for all.

Investigate Desteni and an Equal Money System. Dare to see yourself and this world for Real. Dare to realeyes Love is Equality.