2012: Real Tools for a blissful Life - Equal for ALL

I just made a video about the Teachings of Abraham Hicks - and I want to go further into some of the points I did not address within the video.

Firstly - within the teachings of Abraham hicks - they sell the idea that we are emotional beings. That we have an emotional guidance SYSTEM and that we can choose 'where' we are on that emotional guidance SYSTEM. For instance - if I am 'feeling' happy and joyful and appreciation - then I am on the 'higher' end of this emotional guidance SYSTEM and if I am feeling 'low' and sad and in despair - then I am on the lower emotional guidance SYSTEM - and all of this is based on the idea that we are vibrating 'positive and negative' out into the world - with the conclusion that this is what we create in our reality and this reality we all share.

Why do I emphasis SYSTEM in an emotional guidance SYSTEM - because, hello! We are accepting we are a system! Is a system life? No - it is dependent upon energy to fuel itself - it's based on a program that has been scripted - it is within being a SYSTEM! So here we are already fucked - because we are within this defining ourselves as a system - that experiences 'highs and lows'/'positive and negative' wherein we have NO CHOICE within that - we just get the ILLUSION of CHOICE to be at either end of the spectrum.

Why don't we question this?

This also exists within the acceptance of Positive and Negative. It is the statement that I have positive and negative emotions and there is positive and negative manifested in this world.

This is something - when I participated as a puppet in these teachings - I whole heatedly accepted. That life is polarized. Highs and lows, hot and cold, negative and positive, inside, outside. There was no sense of EQUALIZATION. Or Equality. It was either this way or that way. Never considering they are one and the same - equal and one.

So we can see how through the teachings of Abraham - we a: accept ourselves as system - fluctuation between the energies of high and low and making ourself believe we have a choice within this. And b: that life is polarized - it is either positive or negative and again the illusion that we have a choice to decide where we are on this scale.

So why is this accepted? Why haven't we considered both ends of the polarity are equal and in fact one. So to judge one side to be 'better' then another - is only judging the same point. And why havent yet seen that this is thus separation. Polarity = Separation. And in this separation ourselves from our creation of both positive and negative and only taking responsibility for one side.

This brings me to the other points. Source Energy and we are the creators of this Reality.

So WHY have we not taking FULL responsibility for what is HERE as Creation? Because within the teachings of Abraham we accept that we are the creators = but that we have not created what is here as this world - and our point of creation only is 'cool to us' when it is something that we want - or makes us feel good - or something we desire.

We fail to recognize that what is HERE is US. We have created ALL that is here as the polarity that exists - as the separation and inequality that exists through not taking responsibility for the whole. We cannot accept only part of it - this is delusional. This is abdication of Responsibility - this is saying something else created that - I am not responsible - I am responsible to only my own blissful life experience.

Don't we see? We cannot accept a polarity system without taking FULL Responsibility for both/all parts. And we cannot change this creation by simply 'tuning out' to one side - we must face all of it.

What does it mean to take responsibility? Self Responsibility? To realize I am Here - and I am Responsible for what exists as me. And through what exists as Me - all Exists as me - Equal and One. And thus - separation within this world = separation within me. Abuse in this world = abuse within me. Negative/positive within this world = negative/positive within me. I am Responsible and thus we need correction. To no longer split ourselves into separate points - to bring back all of ourselves here - in equality and oneness.

I have been supported to do such that - within walking with Desteni and the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, breathing and corrective application. Where I walk - to Face myself as the Creator - Created - Creation and to no longer accept and allow myself to separate myself in ingoring half of me. But to see All as Me.

Time to get it right - Time to Live what is BEst for All and no longer looking to lead only my life into bliss. But bringing all life into blissful existence as equality and oneness HERE = Heaven on Earth.


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