23 January 2012

2012: The Only Choice IS Life

I just completed my lesson for assignment 4 within the Desteni I Process course I am currently walking.

I looked at the history of my assignments - and holy shit - I realized/saw that it has taken me almost a year to do these 4 lessons.

What I can see looking back is how easily I allowed myself to choose to fall. Meaning - I deliberatly resisted doing the work and gave myself reasons and excuses and justifications within what I was accepting and allowing.

What is fascinating now to see however - is once we face enough of our accaptances and allowance - we then are faced with a decision. To either walk or not. TO either face ourselves or not. TO either become self honest within self responsibility - or to continue allowing limitations within ourselves as allowing the mind to dictate and direct us within our lives - allowing ourselves to be a slave to our minds resistances.

I've had enough - as I cannot deny what I see I was doing deliberatly - avoiding and justifying and I know this is dishonest. I know I am capable of so much more. I know I am able to walk myself within correction and stopping all participations of beliefs within the mind that tell me what to do. I can direct myself - my life - who I am here. This I start with breath - to slow myself down to see what in fact I am accepting and allowing and to then decide. Who am I going to be? What life will I live? WIll I express myself as self honesty as what is best for all - or allow myself to exist wtihin self interest where I cage myself within my mind and submitting to self definitions that do not serve me.

Well - I choose Life. I am dedicated to life - and nothing will change this. As I see what is Best for All - I see what is necessary to be done - I see I must be the change I want to see in this world - practically - actually - Living through application.

I am on day 8 of my self commitment to write myself here for at least 21 days. What I have found - that is was easy. Because I decided - made a directive decision within myself to stop my bullshit and actually stand up for myself - as I know this is best for me/all. TO face the resistances/limitations I was accepting and allowing - and to actually get over myself/ego - and just do that which I said I would.

This process thus far has supported me within stability - as I am bringing myself here each day as a point of consistency which what I have found wtihin my experience since walking with desteni and the tools is that consitency = stability. And once the choice is made - the decision is clear - it is actually easy. Because by making the choice to support yourself - there becomes no other choice - and this is what is Best for All. Once we start living this point - we realize there is no free choice in this world - there is only What is Best for all - and what is Best for all is Best for me - and so we do that.

What is Best for All - is for All that are in a position to do so - to face what we have accepted and allowed within who we are - to face ourselves and our reality as what is here in realizing we are responsible and since we have created what is here - we are able to change what is here. Only we can do so.

So remove any choice of self interest - and decide to Stand for Life - facing yourself as Life - and equalizing yourself to what is here through self responsibility. Once we do that - the walk becomes simple and we carry ourselves through every moment being here as the breath.

I am grateful for pushing myself - for allowing myself to be a part of Life - to be Here.

Support yourself to do the same - investigate desteni and the Equal Money System - as within this we have real tools to actually create change within ourselves and this world - It is the only thing that is Best for All.

Time to get this done.

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