08 August 2011

There are many Breaths in just 1 Day

Breathe in.... Breathe out.

Today was cool and allowed me to realize something cool about myself.

Over a year ago - I would be one that would wake up quick - go to work - come home, exhausted, end up taking a 'nap' which would last at least 3 or 4 hours, and then end up watching tv, or going out to the bars or trying to find something to do to 'fiil' in my time.

Today - this is not who I am anymore. Today I have a reason and a purpose to do what I do. I no more see the reason or purpose to just 'move' through my day, attempting to find things to fill the gap. Today I actually feel llke I'm living.

I worked this morning - and when I got home, I saw there were things that needed to get done.
Grocery shopping. Check. Since I've moved - I have wanted to start a compost pile. So - instead of continuously telling myself that, "I will do that... soon", I just did it. What better time then the present. So - cleaned it out and got it prepared for me to start the decomposing process:)

Then - took the dog for a walk. Started some laundry. Studied - took a shower. Spent some time with a baby:) Organized my new space a bit. Ordered my school books online. Watch an episode of the Life series.

Overall - the day was productive. It was constant. It was stable, I gave myself no excuses as to why I can put anything off - as time is limited, we don't know how many breaths we have, so might as well Live Fully. Meaning - taking every moment we have to do what is neccessary to be done. Within our world. Taking care of the little things - making sure all has a place and is 'dealt with'. Facing it and moving on.

It's amazing what one can do in just one day. If Self dare to move Self.

I am able to do this because of what i've realized through walking with Desteni. Stopping the MindFull of excuses and directing myself to do what it is that A, needs to be taken cared of, and b, that which also I enjoy. So then, at the end of the day - when it's time to lay our heads down and rest our physical bodies, that have been hard at work all day sustaining ourselves to be Here - to be Alive, all things for the day have been taken cared of, and there is then no reason to worry within the MInd about what wasn't done. The day is complete. We can let go and breathe and be here. Equal and One with ourselves.

Dare to Be Free through moving yourself to direct yourself day to day. One breath at a time.