10 May 2011

Honesty vs Self Honesty

What is the difference? Besides one has the word Self with it.

This is the difference - one is Self - the other, is the person we pretend to be. The personality we were taught to be. Our apparent uniqueness.

Honesty is telling someone the 'truth' because you fear the consequences if you don't.

Self Honesty - is seeing the 'starting point' for 'why' you are wanting to tell the truth - and knowing that if you are doing it our of fear.

Honesty is something that it taught - something that is told as being 'right'.

Self Honesty - is see what is actually Here - without judgment. Without creating a polarity by saying some is right - or something is wrong.

Self Honesty is an expression - a Living Statement of Self. Which is birthed from knowing thyself.

Honesty - is within Morality - by what society says to be 'right or wrong'.

Self Honesty - is Seeing the truth of ourselves. Of asking ourselves why we do what we do. Why we believe what we believe. Why we accept what we accept.

Honesty are rules that are given to be lived by. We are told what Honesty is - instead of allowing Self to be Honesty as an Expression of what Self really is - which is Life.

Honesty exist within the Mind - the policeman in the head telling you who you are suppose to be - according to the rules we have been assigned to.

Self Honesty exist within and as every breath - As Life - as the Physical. Honoring Life that supports unconditionally. Self Honesty lies within the very moment of Being Here. The Beauty - Self knows Self Honesty.

Have you been Self Honest today?