28 June 2014

349: Aligning the Inner and Outer Realities

Continuing from the previous blog and on with corrective/commitment statements in relation to the self forgiveness applied in yesterday's blog. Read here for context, and suggest to read the following out loud to support yourself.

When and as I see myself participating/entertaining and thus believing the back chats within my mind in relation to my new job and the possibility of a busier schedule, I stop and I breathe as I see, realize and understand that at this stage, I cannot trust the 'me as the mind' as within my mind I exist within only the consideration of self interest, and through investigating the back chats within my mind, noticed that it was in fact hiding the real issue I was facing yet was not being self honest with myself about and instead created back chats as a distraction and fear for me to dwell in instead of taking it into the physical, and so when I see back chats in this context arise within me, in relation to my new job, I stop and I breathe and do not allow myself to participate and instead flag that moment for myself to investigate in physical reality, with physical reality, to get to the real source of the issue that is going on within me as I also see, realize, and understand that if back chats exist within my mind then I am  not directing me or my reality and instead allow the mind to lead me in giving me direction in terms of how I 'feel' about a particular part of my life and so I commit myself to become self directive of myself, as no longer allowing back chats to direct or influence me within how I experience myself and instead take all points that come up within my mind into the physical act of writing and of actually slowing down to clear the clutter and get to the source of the problem.

I commit myself to longer trust the back chat statements I make within my mind, as defining myself as the back chats, and instead I commit myself to trust me to physically write out what is going on as I see, realize, and understand that the nature in which I've created myself 'as the mind' has an ulterior motive and that is to ensure I follow the program of painting the best image of me and so if in someway "I" as the mind feel threatened or will not come out looking the best, I will compromise my-self within my own mind to talk my-self into one direction or another and so I commit myself to develop real self-trust which is through self honest writing and so to no longer trust the voices in my head that I've come to define as 'who I am' as it is a version of me that is not best for all and so useless in the context of physical life and living

When and as I see myself having/participating in back chats that are going against an initial decision I've made, especially here in relation to my new job, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the emotional reaction which is just a form of self-compromise and instead flag this moment for myself to investigate in writing, as I see, realize, and understand that the back chats do not match the reality of the decision I made and the outflow of that decision, and so there is no equality within and without and so I commit myself to investigate any discrepancies I see within my mind that suggest a different perception then the one I made initially in terms of my job as getting to know what is really going on - to see what is behind the scenes and what it is I am attempting to hide from myself in the form of back chats as to ensure I align my inner and outer reality to be equal and one, the same

I commit myself to aligning my inner reality within/as myself and my outer reality as my physical environment and my actions and words to be that of equality and oneness, so that there is harmony and not two different stories being told, on behind the scenes as my mind and one I am walking in real, physical, space and time

I commit myself to take responsibility for the decision I make that influence the direction of my life and living and so to not exist in some separate reality within my mind wherein I have back chats and thoughts and opinions about what I am doing and instead ensure I am clear within what I am doing, and thus clear within who I am as what I am doing, as I see, realize and understand that I made the decision to get the new job and so now I must face myself within this decision and the outflow of this decision and so I commit myself to be self honest with myself in moments of reactions as back chats in relation to my job as taking responsibility for the creation of my situation, as I realize, see and understand that I made a decision that altered my life in terms of my schedule and thus I am fully responsible and so I commit myself to not blame or whine as my back chats and instead clear myself through writing and self forgiveness to ensure I am walking within clarity what is practically best for me at this stage

I commit myself to question every thought, back chat and conversation as what I've come to define as my 'thoughts' and 'my mind', that is in my head that I participate with as accepting and allowing within myself, to ensure it is a practical consideration, as I see, realize, and understand that until now, I have always existed in my mind as ways to lie and deceive myself as to not see the real issues I am facing and so making sure I am not aware of the issues required to change, the relationships required to change, which always has to do with the relationship I have to myself, and so I commit myself to get to know myself, to align the relationship I have with me and thus all that is here as me, to ensure that I am standing within principles that are best for all such as self honesty and self responsibility. I see, realize and understand that when I am existing within my mind, I am feeding an idea I have about me and about my reality and it's always in the service of my self interest and so I commit myself to question and investigate myself through daily writing, daily self forgiveness, and daily self commitment statements through into corrective application as the physical act of self change, responsibility and honesty as to transform me from a being that sees only what is best for me as the image within my mind of how I would want others to see me, and instead into a being that considered the life of all, how who I am in every moment effects and has an influence on those around me and so to ensure that I do not accept and allow myself to exist in ways that are not aligned to the principles of equality and oneness, what is best for all, and doing to others what I would like done unto me.

And so I commit myself to walk this journey of cleaning up from the inside out, challenging and questioning the 'who I am' within myself as my mind to ensure it reflects the kind of world and the kind of individual I would like to see in this world and that is one that is best for all and so I start with myself . 

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