21 November 2011

The child without Food needs the Word of God?

"I woke up hungry this morning so I read the word of god and was satisfied" Let us now as(k) a child or half the pollution that goes without food daily to do the same. Their bodies decaying from malnutrition while the rest of the population are blinded in ignorance of beliefs that only satisfy the protection of self interest. How can we exist in a World where we allow a God to be our 'filler' - an imaginary 'father' that promises a life of eternal peace, just so long as we ignore what is real in matter in our attempts to not take responsibility for what the world actually is. This God we believe to 'fill us up' by his words in some book - does not actually feed the hungry, save the poor, protect the innocent. Instead this God fills us with fear of burning forever if we are not his perfect little slaves spreading this deceit to the rest of the World. God is not the Solution - as Jesus said, Give unto another what you would like to Receive. Does that mean as a child without food in this world - standing in their shoes, would you want them to tell you to read the word of god? Or would you want food? Real actual matter that support their physical body in this Physical world. It is Time to wake up. Our beliefs have kept us blind to what this world actually is - where Money is the God we keep our faith in and so long as we have our Money/God - we are protected and do not need to care about anyone else. Time to Stop. Time to Investigate a Real Solution. Time to wake up to our Madness. Time to Stop our Belief in a God that allows millions to suffer and time to Stand Equal as God to take responsibility for what we have Allowed. Equal Money is the Solution that will Bring Heaven here to Earth - where we are no longer waiting for our salvation but create it for all Equally. Investigate the Real Word - One that Support All Life.

06 November 2011

Religion and Spirituality - One and the Same?

"We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans, which was suppose to help people grow spiritually. Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was given by the Most High of Creation. Spirituality is a network linking us to the Most High, the universe, and each other…"
Let's take a Self Honest look at what is being Said here and find a way to Consider it where it Considers what is Best for All... In the first part of this statement - the Person is exposing how Religion has become a Means to Control and enslave People - due to Humanity's "Imperfection" Then - the person goes on to explain how Spirituality is 'better' then Religion because apparently it is a 'way of life' given by 'the Most High of Creation'. Now what we know is within Religion - is that people's 'beliefs' of Religion also comes from what they claim to be as the 'most high' - the Word of God - the father of Creation - so from this we can See that already Religion and Spirituality are the same - as they support the Idea of a 'greater force' that has created us and all Life - and through this it's about changing the way we live/believe in order to live in a way that is 'attune' to Life. This is a huge Red Flag as we can see that through both beLIEfs we are 'needing' to accept a 'higher force' that has created us and that we are Imperfect - in that we are able to be corrupt, and create separation. This also allows for one not to Take Self Responsibility for what Self Is - but that it was the 'Creator' that has created us this way. I once beleived in both Religion and Spirituality - in that i believed that both were based on the foundation of the same truth. I believed that there was a God/Creator - and that all was how it should be, and Life was moving according to 'plan'. This is pure deception, as I can see now that I was only accepting myself and the World the way it is - and if we dare to take a look at the Greater Picture - it is NOT okay and is Unacceptable. How do we change this statement to be in the Starting point of What is Best for All? Simply = Remove the idea/belief that there is a 'higher power' in control of our lives and Everything - and get back to Reality. Where in Reality we can see that No God is helping - but only Hurting - as no One is taking Responsibility for what is going on on Earth. We are more than Capable of Creating a World that is BEst for all - where All live in Abundance - Equal Money - Heaven on Earth - but it is through our acceptance of a God and being 'imperfect' that we accept our own limitations. I no longer accept this of Myself. Considering looking at statements that do not Support ALL LIfe = and only support Self Interest/Separation of Humans. Consider finding ways to Exist where we become Practical Beings taking care of ourselves and others - finding Solutions to ourselves and this World. This is what i Have found within Desteni - A wake up Call and Call to Action. Creating Equality within myself to Create it in the World. Check out the links below for further perspectives/support/Gifts to Self.