638: Living Words: Family - part 1

My partner and I have been creating a habit of working together with Living Words. We created a word web at the beginning of our agreement/relationship as the words we wanted to live and express in the agreement/relationship.
So the word Agreement is in the center of our web and from there all the various words and expression we want to be a part of our relationship branch from it.

Every few days, or weeks, or months we pick a word from the web - usual just at random, one of us running our finger across the page of words until the other one says stop and wherever that finger lands is our word to work with. We discuss the word as what initially comes up within us in relation to the word - how we see it, how we define it, how we relate to it... then we walk with the word for a few days in ourselves and our day to day living. We then come back together after those few days to discuss our findings, specifying within that how we see we are able to make the word Livable in a Practical Way.

Today we picked the word Family. This was interesting because it is a topic of discussion coming up more and more recently for us, mostly in the context of having children (patience still, we are not quite there!) so that was the first point I saw in looking at this word.... creating our 'family'.

The next point that came up was the word Suppression. And this is very interesting to me because that is how I've experienced myself in relation to my family... lots of suppressed emotional energy. From the past and even still in the present where it's not a main point of focus or investigation for me. There is still quite a resistance actually to diving into the family points I experience and have experienced within myself.

Essentially though the initial points I saw when we picked our Word was Family as the Program. Family is where you learn how and who to be... it's the condition of your environment that influences your conditioning. There is nothing wrong with 'programming' per se - it's simply the code that is written into us in terms of how we will function. Yes - just like a computer.

And so Family can be a program that is Best for All. I see that is what my partner and I would like to create - to create an environment where the example being lived by us to the children are self-honesty, self-responsibility, self-respect, respect for each other, open communication, stability, directiveness, integrity, consistency and living based on principles. But we have both been raised in something quite different, and not that that is bad as no one has had the 'way' to creating a better world, otherwise we would have a better world, but we still had our own families with our own programming and we came together precisely within that principle of changing our programming to be that which is best for all.

So we are busy creating a family - right now consisting of him, me, and our furry friends. And while it will expand in due time, there is still family points to be walked currently. And obviously, this is just the personal points of family... there is the greater reality of family as humanity... and the family of Life.

There are a lot of layers to be discussed for just one blog post, so I will leave it here for tonight and continue to share as I walk this point for myself.

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