627: Life Trusts Me When I Trust Me

Continuing with a point that's been opening up where certain potentials and responsibilities have opened up to me and while initially, I was hesitant and not really sure how I felt about the direction, I was still moving within and towards it. Another interesting point that I can see here is how although I have had hesitancy and doubt within me within these points, it's like Life is saying, 'Here - you are Ready, Trust yourself because I trust you."

And that is quite the consideration... I mean things don't move according to something unspecific or just randomly. I would not be offered the opportunities I have if I was not able to walk it and even though I may fear it, doesn't mean I'm not capable of creating the best from it. It's like even if I doubt myself it's a nice point of support to see Life doesn't doubt me and Life has given me doors to walk through.

Obviously it is what I make of it... who I am will absolutely determine how it will go but from my perspective, who I've been has created these opportunities and so THAT is something I can trust because who I've been, what I've lived and walked and applied and how I move myself has created where I am now and if this is the result, well hell, I can be proud of myself and actually see that I can trust myself because this is what I've created.

So kind of a cool point when I really look at it... often times we see things in others they don't see in themselves and the same goes for us, where others see things in us we don't see in ourselves. Well here I have Life seeing something in me and I can look in the mirror of Life and see myself... this is because of me.

And so I choose to trust myself as each moment, as each breath giving and sustaining my life, I will continue to push and apply and forgive and change because there's no going back. Yes it's hard, yes it's scary, yes it's challenging and difficult and uncomfortable and even unnatural feeling because when walking a process of changing your nature as seen in your thoughts, words, and deeds - you are going against the very condition of yourself to be a very specific way. We are programmed to be someone specific, and when you challenge that someone, there are defense mechanisms in place to keep you in your place. I was programmed to fail, to not push for better, to settle for less, to stay in my comfort zone, to not speak up or reach out, to not trust myself or to believe I deserve something better. And going against all these things is the hardest thing I have ever done in this life but it is the most rewarding and I have myself to thank. And of course lots of people throughout the world walking the very same process of releasing the old and creating something new.

We really don't have any excuses, we create ourselves as our own victims. there is no one to blame, no one to save us, no one to tell us what to do... the best thing I ever did was make the decision to take responsibility for myself because in that, I empowered myself to conceive of something better for ALL LIFE and it has developed a resolve within me to never give up and to keep trying and to know there is always a way and that way starts within myself. My will to change creates change because my will is the way.

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