588: She Created Time

Continuing from the previous blog where I mentioned one of the reasons for me getting up in the mornings was actually something I started to do maybe 6 months or so ago. But first, let me share a little story...

There was once a girl named Kristina. Kristina was a heavy sleeper who liked to stay up late and sleep in even later. She worked nights serving tables for more than a decade, so 2am or later bedtime was the norm. Mornings would come too soon and be a struggle everytime she had to get up for something. If she had no plans to get to, don't count on her getting up before 10am. And when she did wake up... be sure to give her at least an hour before talking to her or dare to face the wrath of a beast.

Then this girl started changing her ways. She started taking inventory of her life... her thoughts, words, and deeds. She reflected on who she was in relation to friends, family, money, and herself. And she started applying specific tools to change what she saw did not serve her or others in the interest of what was best for all. She walked this process for more than 8 years, though still having a 'night owl' habit of going to bed late and sleeping in later.

Then she changed careers. For the first time in more than 10 years, she was working a 9 to 5 job, Monday through Friday. She was thrilled. Her new schedule aligned with her husband's schedule, and for the first time in what seemed forever that she had been working, she had nights, weekends, and holidays off. Everything seemed to change. A whole new world was opening up for her and she was learning new things she never imagined she would be a part of. But what remained was she still liked to stay up late and sleep right until the very last minute she had to get up and be ready for work. It was kind of a struggle for her... often creating a chaotic experience in the mornings because she just didn't want to get out of bed when it was still dark out., and she had spent the majority of her life living this character of 'a night owl'.

After a year of this, she moved into a new house. Things were moving nicely for her, but she was commuting farther to work. She had to leave an hour earlier in the mornings and would get home an hour later than usual. And this cut into the time she normally had for other things she enjoyed and she was responsible for - like writing blogs, helping out Eqafe with transcriptions, spending time with her husband and pets, cooking dinner, managing the house, learning new skills, etc. She found she wasn't able to get to all the things she wanted to with her new schedule... there just didn't seem like enough time in the day. So what did she do? She created time.

Okay - surprise, that story is about me :)

So what did I do? I created time. I decided to get up at 5:30 am to create more time in my day for the things I saw I wasn't able to get to. Me... I, Kristina, decided to get up really effing early in the morning because I needed more time. Because why? I needed more time!

So that has been my reason for getting up in the mornings the past 6 months. There are a lot of things to do in a day, there is a vast amount of opportunities throughout the day to do, be, create, LIVE and I was looking to take advantage of them all. Life is for the living isn't is, so why waste my time sleeping? I started to consider the value of time, and how I spend my time, and I questioned this "night owl, can't get up in the mornings without a struggle" character and changed it.

Initially - it was quite difficult because I was getting up when it was still dark and when everyone else in the world seemed to be asleep. But I had my morning glory, Hazel, with me, by my side, and so we conquered the mornings together. It started as simply needing more time to get to the things I wanted to do, but what it did was show me I could change the very nature of myself and I could actually start to enjoy that change. Before this I did have the oomph to get up in the mornings... not really resisting getting up, especially on my days off because it was like 'my time' - I could do whatever I wanted and I wanted to have a full day. So the problem wasn't waking up, the problem was when I would wake up.

Now it's become the realization that every day I wake up is like being born, and every night when I got to sleep is like I am dying and so this one day I have is this one life I have.... who am I within it? Do I squander my day/life? Do I take the opportunity of this day/life to create the person I want to be, that lives my utmost potential? It's a process... and I have good and bad days. But in the last year, I've had way more good days then bad days and the good days are when I wake up knowing there is a purpose for me in this day, and that the purpose I give myself is realizing I have an opportunity to perfect myself every single day in the most mundane of tasks. Who I am when I walk my dog, who am I when I clean the kitchen, who am I when I'm at work... all these moments of a day are a place where I can practice self-perfection... making sure that who I am, I am satisfied with and that when I go to sleep/death at the end of that day, I have no regrets.

And so that is my story of creating time, and what I've learned about me in time, and how I've used time to specify my purpose. This is just one dimension of living my purpose, and there is much more for me to specifically define/design for myself. But this is a place to start.

When I wake up, it's because I see this one day as this one life. I am here for a reason and a purpose, and I wake up willing to embrace, dis-cover, explore and find my purpose.

What gets you out of bed in the mornings?

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