579: "Thanks for Sharing!"

I've seen this statement all over the internet - especially within the community in which I watch a lot of vlogs and read a lot of blogs. Often times someone replies only saying "Thanks for Sharing". And while it does seem like a simple statement - which I've had my judgments towards, as I 'thought' it was lacking any real feedback, I realized it is actually perfect.

When I read a blog from someone in the Desteni community, or watch one of their videos, my life is always enriched. I learn something from their sharing - something they faced and walked, something they realized, or even just their perspective on some topic... it adds value to my life as it contributes to my process, my understanding and my view of my own life.

So while sometimes in the past I've had reactions to this response, "thanks for sharing", I can see how specific it is because sharing is caring and I am thankful for those that share. When you share yourself within a point of self-honesty, or your self-forgiveness, or something you've experienced, reflected on, and learned - it opens up opportunities for others to learn and grow. People may have not considered what you specifically have to share, and in your sharing, you are providing them with something that can enrich their own life.

And not to mention the point of it being best for all. Sharing the process you walk, as often as you can, will support others in their process. We have the world at our fingertips here, and there is a massive need for a new angle, solution, direction in this world. And this is what we are doing within Desteni... living a new direction and solution that if shared, can support a whole lot of other people.

Sharing is caring.

Care to Share.

Dare to Share.

Dare to Care.

There is not a lot of care in the world at the moment - we are all too focused on ourselves, and our individual happiness to realize there is a whole world needing support. We have not been taught ways to deal with our emotions and feelings, how to process information, how to be self-responsible and self-honest, or directive in creating ourselves and our life and so as we learn how to do this for ourselves, our sharing of that process IS going to support others and in that you are supporting a change in this world. It really does only take one person because that one person has an influence on those around them. And so if that one person is inspired by your sharing, you are supporting a change in many people's lives. Ripples baby, ripples.

So I just wanted to share this point... how Sharing is Caring and when you Care about yourself, you care about others and in that, see the value of sharing your story. Your life does have a purpose and it is in this process you are walking. Share it out loud and proud.

Artwork by: Andrew Gable

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