565: Desteni and the Potential

 A few weeks ago I was at the bank to deposit some money for a client. While I was there, the person behind the counter stopped what she was doing to mention that if the person who was receiving the deposit was not physically in the bank, they would not be able to transfer/wire the funds anywhere. She then explained to me the reason for such a rule, which seems obvious, yet something else came up within me in this moment.

To consider the reasons why there are so many 'security checks' at banks - how we will not trust someone calling in asking for money to be wired to another account - is because there are people in this world who would try and take money from someone else if such an opportunity presented itself. Now we could go off into the direction of exploring and understanding why someone would attempt to take money that is not theirs, but rather here I want to explore another direction of this. There is distrust in this world... we do not trust each other because we deceive each other. There are security checks in all that we do because we have proved to ourselves over and over again we should not trust each other because we will lie, steal and cheat each other.

What I could see for myself in this consideration is that it's completely unnecessary. I participate with a group online that consists of people from all over the world where, if they made up the whole world - everyone that existed on this Earth - security checks would not be necessary because there is trust. How so? Because each practice SELF-responsibility and SELF-honesty and SELF-trust where we understand the golden rule of 'do unto another as you would have done unto yourself' and so we do not act in ways that would harm or deceive another.

The fact that this is what Desteni is all about is remarkable yet also oh so natural... think about it... through my 10 year participation within the group, and walking the principles in my own daily life, I have created within myself and others absolute trust where I do not fear being lied to or cheated or deceived in any way - I trust anyone within the group with my life because I/we honor life and so each other.

That is the actual potential within humanity... where we do not need to FEAR each other. We can actually trust each other. For those not walking the Desteni principles, or who have never heard of them, can you say for yourself that you can imagine a world where there is no need to 'protect' yourself from another because you know you can trust others? That no one would harm you or abuse you? Can you conceive of such a world?

I can because of Desteni. And if you want to, investigate, investigate, investigate!! The Desteni of this World is Absolute Trust.

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