561: Thin = Freedom?

A couple of blogs ago I wrote an interesting statement - relating being thin/not fat to freedom. It was a subtle slip of words that I didn't necessarily know I even had as an association - but there it was, in my own words.

So here is an example of how we define words and according to that definition, we live words. So one dimension of the word freedom in how I define it was to be thin, not fat or overweight, and this definition is justified through images in my mind of certain body types that I defined that if one had, one was free.

But now what happens if we are not that - if we are not how we define the words, such as free? If I don't have or my body is not this certain body type in my mind that I define as 'free' then what would my experience be? I am not living the word free in its absolute, purest definition because I don't have this body type which I've equated to being free. And so explains the conflictual experience or part of it, I have to my body.

And so what can I do? Redefine the word. Make it livable. This is how we become creators. WE make a decision about what a word means - we make it practical, physical, and livable. What I've done with this word free for example is made it impractical - defined it according to my imagination, according to my comparisons, and my judgments and limited the word's definition in even equating it to having anything to do with my body shape. I've projected an idea onto other's I see with a certain body type, and I've accepted this idea that 'they are free' because they have this body type. So I think that is freedom. But then I look at myself, and I don't have that body type. So I'm not free?

So this is something I can do to empower myself in re-aligning myself to a relationship with my body that actually honors it, and aligns me to the word FREE in a practical, livable way. I will continue in the next blog opening up that redefinition process and see how I can start implementing the word FREE in my day to day living to no longer allow it to exist as a picture in my mind and instead bringing it into matter through my living actions.

**Check out the link below for SOUL to start getting to know this process of redefining and living words.

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