552: What we Resist Persists

To touch base on a previous blog, 540, I wanted to reiterate the point of how 'what you resist, persists'.

When I resist pain such as headaches and take a pill to get rid of the experience, I am essentially giving up the opportunity I have to develop a level of self-intimacy, and self-awareness.

Headaches, and pains, as mentioned in my previous blog, don't just come out of nowhere. Often times I can see how I create the pains... how who I am, and what I participate within my mind creates the experience in my physical body. And so rather than investigating what has been accepted and allowed that thus creates an outflow consequence on/in/as the body, we just take a pill to deal with the issue, not realizing there is something deeper to dis-cover.

How we allow our patterns of pain to persist is in how we resist DEALING with the actual problems that create the pain in the first place.  Instead of getting to the root of the problem - finding the thought patterns we keep going back to, finding the emotional energy we flood our body with, or some memory we can't let go of that has all these positive or negative attachments to it that distract us from fully living presently - we just resist the pain, take the pill and call it a day. But sure enough, we go through the experience again, and again we repeat the "solution" - take the pill, resist the pain, and call it a day.

Why not deal with the problem... actually get to the bottom of it, find out the real issues, and sort those out - release ourselves from them, forgive ourselves, allow ourselves to heal, to let go, and to thus be able to move on with our lives - stopping the patterns. That is the real solution, and way to deal with dis-ease. Otherwise, we are allowing what we resist to persist.

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