550: Making "As within, So Without" Practical

A point to consider when walking a process of change... it's not only about changing within. Changing without has just as much of an impact on the overall process, and impacts as changing within.

I realized this quite some time ago, and in a way felt as if I started from the 'without' to the 'within'. What does that mean?

The 'without' as the external reality - how you interact with your physical environment - the people, the animals, the buildings, anything that is physical, that's external. And the 'within' is the inner reality - your emotions, feelings, thoughts - whatever goes on within you that others cannot see, but you are mostly, well aware of.

So when saying 'changing the without' is just as impactful as 'changing the within' - this is what I mean. When you change HOW you interact with your external, can have an impact on how you interact with the internal.

A great example of this was giving in a new Eqafe Recording, Change Without to Change Within. A being sharing the perspective of how an individual was able to support themselves with slowing down, becoming more flexible, becoming more aware of their physical body, more patient through practicing yoga. In the practice of yoga, it takes flexibility, patience, a slowing down, a body awareness and through doing that, consistently, they were able to change their inner in how they dealt with their own mind - the HOW they are within themselves.

Years ago I also did this for myself. I started focusing on my behavior in my reality - how I tended to procrastinate, put things off till later, think I can just deal with things at another time, like for example with bills. But in starting to change this towards my external - making sure I dealt with bills as soon as I got them, making sure I took care of what was due immediately, and not waiting, and not putting it off, I soon saw how I started to do this same thing with my own mind. When I would see thoughts coming up, or emotions activating, I started to deal with it more immediate. I no longer wait or put it off because I was already versed in the practice of dealing with things as they arise, and not procrastinating on it.

So for me, this interview was a great reminder of the process I've walked, and what I've realized, and confirmed what I already could see for myself. That while yes, it takes an internal process of change - writing, self-honesty, self-forgiveness, stopping the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, breathing - you can also start strengthening those practices through how you deal with the external reality.

It's fantastic actually because both are equal - you can't change one without changing the other. Either way you go, you are changing, and that change will have an effect on the other.

So if you are finding it difficult to create certain things within yourself, or struggling with dealing with certain parts of you/your mind, like discipline, or directiveness, or patience, or being calmer and less reactive - you can start to develop that through how you participate in your reality.

Take up a practice that encourages things you want to see more of in your life. If it's patience, calm, slowing down, letting go, body awareness - try yoga! Whatever you use to practice change without, know it will change you within.

Suggest to hear the full recording here for a more in-depth perspective and I also invite you to share in the comments below what you've already done to strengthen the within, through the without.

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