549: Unlock Yourself - Inspired by Eqafe.com

Imagine someone standing in front of you. They are asking for help. They want you to do something for them, to help get them free. 

On their right wrist, there is a handcuff, bound tightly around it.

Extended from the handcuff is the metal chain making its way to their right, to the matching handcuff, wrapped around a metal pole. It is forever secure; unbreakable. There is no freeing them without the key. 

The person looks at you, pleading with you, begging you to help them. To save them. To do something to free them. Because to them, you are their saving grace. Without you, they will never be free. 

As you look into their eyes you see the deep, hidden pain and helplessness, the belief they are forever locked up. You see their urge to break free, to stand as a life fulfilled, they see the hope, their only chance, within you... 

You start to glance down toward their left hand. Slowing taking notice of their free shoulder, their free arm, their free wrist, their free hand... 

Gripped within their fingers is the key to set them free. 

This was the image that formed within my mind after listening to a recording from Eqafe, "Holding Back and Imprisoning Myself - Life Review". The recording was a Life Review - a being sharing their experience from a life on Earth and what they could see was lived out, what they could have changed, and what they can share and the valuable lessons for each one still here.

We are our own saving grace. We are the ones with the key. We are holding ourselves back. We are waiting on ourselves. We can unlock ourselves.

As I finished this recording I could see this image within my mind, that I wanted to share. I asked my partner in a joking tone, who is an artist, to 'whip me up this picture' quick. lol - he didn't have the time for how or when I wanted it done and obviously neither of us took me seriously. And so instead of depending on him to express this image I wanted to express, I decided to use one of the mediums I know how to express with - the written word.

So I sat down, with only the image in my mind, and wrote the above. It was without preparation, simply 'here' as what I wanted to express. And what I found was actually some cool points I had to walk through, similar to what I just listened to in the recording this image was inspired by.

Dependency, suppressing ourselves, holding ourselves back, waiting for something, needing something external to move...

Instead of being dependent on my 'artist husband', I created the image myself. Instead of suppressing myself, as I had judgments of the writing, thinking it was 'lame' or 'not good enough', but sharing it anyway and not suppressing it/me. Not holding myself back as the point to share this image/writings was here and so to act on it. Not waiting for my husband to be the creator of art - to create something myself. Not needing something external to tell me it's okay - to go for it, that it's good enough.

So the process I just walked in the last 30 min was a direct experience of what I heard in the recording.

And that is the magic of Eqafe. And the magic of self - the magic of this process.

What we can create in matter goes beyond a simple piece of art, or words. We create simply by who we are, and in that awareness, taking that responsibility, we can create something worthwhile.

I invite you all to listen to this recording, to hear for yourself the gift of a life lived and realized.

We have the key. There is nothing or no one outside of us that is needed for us to realize our potential - our expressing within/as life. We have chained ourselves so we can change ourselves. We just have to use the key already within our own hands... 

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