538: Some Piece of Me

A little free writing rant on the word Peace.

When I look at the word peace, I see the word piece. It's an obvious association I'm sure for many simply due to the sound of the words being the same. Though perhaps there is more to it...

Peace for me does not exist when I am scattered throughout my mind, and this implies usually I am scattered throughout my reality. If I'm stuck in the past as memories, or desiring an outcome as some future projection, I am separated from my self HERE. In this moment. As this breath. And so I am not in/as peace, I am in/as pieces.

These pieces of ourselves we scatter throughout our mind are parts of ourselves we have separated ourselves from. We have one foot in the past, one in the future, and we completely miss out on the opportunity, and potential of what is HERE, right in front of us. No wonder so many are in disarray, or feeling overwhelmed, or even more, "all over the place" - it's because we actually are! We are not standing grounded, with our two feet in THIS reality - we are often in our minds' reality of fears, and desires, or judgments, and criticism and the inability to be AT PEACE with what is here.

That is the responsibility I can see for myself. I am split into so many pieces, and often I've experienced myself as an emotional wreck, or with my head in the clouds and to ground myself in my body, and as my breath. seeing direct without energies is when I am living peace - when I bring back those pieces of myself scattered, from 'out there' into/as 'right here'.

Another way I have experienced this for myself is at the end of my days. The times I am satisfied, and quiet/empty within myself at the end of my day is because I was directive during the day. Directive to me means I allowed no avoidance, no resistance, or 'putting things off 'till later'. It is when I decided for me to create a day that I am satisfied with - one where I could live with myself, where I applied a potential of me that I must still nurture daily, where I did not give into any emotional or feeling experiences, but stayed true to who I am as a living, BREATHING being. In this directive-ness of/as myself - I was grounded, walking in my DAY - not looking ahead, or looking behind, simply working with what is HERE.

That is when I am living peace.

When I'm not living peace, but rather in pieces is the scenario when I give into a resistance of not wanting to do something I decided I would already do, or attempted to make a commitment to do. When I allow myself to get lost in entertainment, or caught up in gossip, or acting out emotional experiences that create and sustain conflict and friction within myself, and with others in my life. That is when I am living in pieces... I am not whole, as I am not here, breathing. I am allowing things to slip by, or to be pushed aside, or to be ignored all together.  I am not SEEING how what is going on within me in relation to any/all things is a reflection of a PIECE of me I have separated myself from - and rather projected outward, separated from me as not my responsibility. When it in fact is, as we are all the source/cause/origin of ourselves... who we are... how we experience ourselves.. and how we experiences this world/others in this world. Those 'out there' in any form you see it, is YOU - a piece of you, and if you are not at PEACE with that you, you are in pieces.

So put yourself back to pieces - by living the word peace. Make peace with your past, and your present, and those around you. Stop fighting, and resisting, or neglecting - take responsibility for position you stand within as a piece of this world. When all are self-responsible, then the world will know Peace.

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