519: Expansion

Recently I have been looking at the word 'expansion' - and how this relates to self. Self-Expansion. A few dimensions came up, one in particular though I would like to share.

One way in which humanity currently lives 'expansion' is in the context of urban development. When we talk about cities, we talk about expansion, and growth. Usually this means it's being built up, added to, and increased in it's size, and 'hopefully' it's production. But often it is at the price of the environment, and so ultimately our own well-being.

We take over more and more land, cut down more and more trees, and use more and more unsustainable resources to expand, though what are are actually busy with is creating more and more limitation for ourselves in the context of Life. We destroy that which gives us life - this Earth, and all that exists on it, and the resources it provides.

So I see here expand as life as equality and oneness, as what is best for all is not being lived, as we are actually living it in the reverse from the utmost potential of the word. While we think we are expanding, we are only expanding consciousness - consumerism, separation, profit-motive development which, as we can see exponentially manifesting consequences.

If we rather expanded our awareness, and self-honesty, and compassion, and care for life, from the small to the greater, we would expand our relationship with the natural world - nurturing it rather than destroying it. Learning how to live with it rather than pushing it aside.

So rather expansion being a cancer as a rapid growth without consideration of what/how it influence, we expand our principle to always do what is best for all.

And so to bring this back to myself - I can see that I am am either expanding my consciousness - as my self-interest, greed, and separation of living towards others as blame... and so using the natural world as my physical body for it's resources for energy - which is the fuel for the mind, or expanding my awareness as my actual physical body - my natural environment, that which is sustained by breath, food, and water. Real, practical things that when I nurture, it gives me life, and allows me to live and express in this world. It's the same exact relationship we have with the earth - the one we have with our bodies.

So if we can all start to see and realize our bodies are our earth, and it matters what we do and who we are within/as our physical bodies, then we can start expanding to the earth as a whole. For now - we must stop expanding our minds, as the personalities of beliefs, and ideas, and perception, and rather ground ourselves in the physical - the physical awareness, the life, the breath that is equal for all.

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